The possibilities are endless when it comes to showcasing all of the different types of cause marketing efforts.  Here you’ll find a list of 10 common campaigns done by partnerships of nonprofits and businesses of all sizes.

  1. Portion of Purchase
    • The Portion of Purchase program involves businesses donating a portion or percentage from each of their sales to a nonprofit organization or cause.
  2. Pin Ups
    • Pin Ups are primarily for in-house use. Businesses will have some kind of paper icon for customers to purchase for a small price during check out, and will then display these icons by “pinning them up” in the store.
  3. Buy One Give One
    • As described by the name, Buy One Give One happens when a business will donate a good upon the sale of a designated product that have comparable values.
  4. Point of Sale
    • Point of Sale simply refers to when a cashier asks customers if they would like to make a donation in addition to their purchase.
  5. Action Driven
    • Action Driven programs encourage customers to actually do something to participate in the cause.  This usually involves bringing an item of donation to a set location.
  6. Proud Supporter
    • A Proud Supporter is what you call a business that gives a donation to a nonprofit organization, but does not tie the donation to any kind of sale of good.
  7. License Agreement
    • Having a License Agreement between a business and a nonprofit organization allows a company to use the nonprofit’s logo in their marketing campaigns in exchange for payment.  Sometimes a business will have to qualify or meet a certain standard to be granted the logo.
  8. Volunteerism 
    • In Volunteerism, businesses ask their customers and employees to donate their time for a cause, rather than donate money.
  9. Public Relations Program
    • When a business includes a nonprofit organization in their advertising space to help build awareness of both the company and the cause, it is considered a Public Relations Program.
  10. Digital Engagement
    • Digital Engagement allows a business to create a digital experience by using software engineers and social media to help raise funds and awareness for a cause.

Stay tuned for more insights on the ways corporations and nonprofits establish partnerships, the top most successful cause marketing campaigns, and more.  Brought to you by agoodcause. It’s agoodcause!