Cause Marketing is a beautiful concept.  It’s even more beautiful when it’s put into action.  Take a look at these examples of some of the most impactful cause marketing campaigns since the early 2000’s.

1. Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

As a brand of Unilever, Dove has been on a mission to help women look and feel beautiful by offering care products and educational workshops that focus on the value of body image and self-worth.  According to Dove’s website, “In the 11 years since the Dove Self-Esteem Project was launched, more than 625,000 teachers have delivered a Dove self-esteem workshop and more than 1.5 million parents have engaged with its online content.”

2. Yoplait Save Lids to Save Lives

Partners Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Yoplait run an annual campaign during the months of September and October where they invite consumers to mail in their yogurt container lids.  For every lid collected, Yoplait will donate 10 cents to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  Since it’s launch in 1999, Yoplait has donated over $26 million. For more information about you can send in your lids, click here.

3. Starbucks and World AIDS Day

In a campaign to help fight against AIDS, Starbucks donates 10 cents to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS for every made-to-order beverage they sell in stores on World AIDS Day.  These funds are then sent to coffee growing communities in Africa to help with the treatment and prevention of AIDS.  In the eight years of this partnership’s existence, Starbucks has donated more than $14 million.  Showcased on the campaign’s website are personal stories of impact. Click here to read more about the individuals that are directly affected by this fight.

4. Coca Cola and WWF’s Arctic Home

As everyone knows, the Polar Bear has been Coca Cola’s unofficial mascot for years.  So when it was brought to their attention that polar bears were in danger of losing their home, Coca Cola teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to raise money for research and conservation efforts that will help preserve the melting ice caps where polar bears roam and hunt for survival.  The majority of the funds raised were collected via text messages; consumers of Coca Cola texted package codes, which amounted to $1 per message.  Coca Cola intends to raise $2 million per year and $10 million in 5 years. Check out these links for more info about Arctic Home, WWF and Coca Cola Company.

5. The #UNselfie movement by #Giving Tuesday

#Giving Tuesday; the holiday that falls after Black Friday and Cyber Monday- is also known as of 2012 by New York’s 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation, as the day people across the world are encouraged to give back to their communities.  The #UNselfie movement was born just a year later in 2013 as a way for individuals, nonprofit organizations and corporations to engage in and showcase their charitable actions on social media during #Giving Tuesday.  Since then, these two initiatives have raised over $116.7 million online and and have had 1.3 million social media mentions.  For more information about #Giving Tuesday, click here.  To see photos of participants in the #UNselfie Movement, click Show Me Pictures!

6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ever think you would see millions of videos on the internet of people dumping buckets of ice water on their heads? Well neither did Chris Kennedy, the founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  In an effort to visualize and explain how someone feels with the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease, Chris posted the first video of the challenge to raise money for researching a cure for the disease.  He nominated his friends to do the same and from there, the challenge took off!  As a result, $115 million were donated to the ALS Association and 67% of that is going directly toward ALS disease research.

7. Make Safe Happen

In a partnership between Nationwide Insurance, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Safe Kids Worldwide, these three organizations are on a mission to save children from injuries and even death caused by unsafe hazards within their own homes.  They have made an effort to inform parents about how they can make their homes safer by offering safety tips on their website and on their newly created app, in addition to hosting home-safety inspired events across the country.  So far, Make Safe Happen has educated hundreds of thousands of concerned parents with their non-traditional methods of cause marketing, and it plans to continue to raise awareness for its cause by informing the general public of the issue, rather than raising funds.  For more information about home safety, check out the Make Safe Happen home page

8. Jersey Mike’s Month of Giving

Instead of partnering with just one nonprofit organization, in Jersey Mike’s cause marketing campaigns, managers of each franchise location are allowed to donate money to a local nonprofit organization of their choosing.  The Month of Giving campaign invites customers to stop by their closest Jersey Mike’s to make donations to their local charities.  Then, on the Day of Giving, Jersey Mike’s locations will donate 100% of its sales it receives that day to the nonprofit of choice.  Since 2011, Jersey Mike’s has raised over $12 million.  To see when the next Day of Giving is, click on Jersey Mike’s Giving.

9. It Gets Better Project

The It Gets Better Project is an initiative to inform and support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth by reassuring them that life will get better for them.  The project encourages individuals to get involved in several different ways such as making a donation, signing a pledge, creating an inspirational video and many others.  According to the project’s website, this movement houses more than 50,000 user created videos that have been view more than 50 million times.  To see how you can make a difference, click on It Gets Better.

10. Partners in Preservation

Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! Through Partners in Preservation campaign, American Express partnered with the Statue of Liberty Restoration team to raise money for the up keeping of our nation’s iconic lady.  For three months, American Express donated 1 cent for each card transaction and $1 for each new card issued, and they promoted their efforts through a media campaign.  In the end, $1.7 million were raised.  Since P in P’s establishment in 2006, over 200 historic sites have been preserved with the help of American Express.  For more information, click here.

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