Graphic Design Trends: Black Boxes

Graphic design, according to the ever wonderful Google, is defined as the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. Now, is there more to graphic design? Yes! However, the trend I am writing about today focuses on the two main aspects of that definition, text and pictures. In addition to these, adding a simple black box to create an enticing relationship between the two.

julianayazbeck_2 julianayazbeck_1


A fairly popular trend that I have been noticing floating around the internet, has been the use of black boxes to outline text over images or different visuals. These boxes are simple and help to differentiate the text from the background. The text inside the boxes can vary. I have seen both bold headline text inside the boxes, as well as smaller, longer portions of text.



Oh Hey! Magazine by Shanti Sparrow Design

In addition, the inside of the box can vary. I have seen the boxes with solid backgrounds or no backgrounds as to show the visual behind the text. The decision to have a solid background inside the black box or not should depend on how busy the background is, and what kind of text will be inside the box.

themillcafeThe Mill Café by Hello_itsmatilda

The example above shows how the background can be shown in the black box but not detract from the text inside. In general, I think this technique allows the focus to be on the text, while making the visual secondary but complimentary to what the type is saying. It is a simple way to make sure the text is the first thing that is noticed.

If you are interested in trying out this design technique, start by downloading an image from Unsplash. Take your image into the design program of your choice, create your black box, and add your text. Voila! You now have a trendy graphic design piece. As always, you can also download my design and try working with it as well!

Thank you for reading!

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