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Make Your Leadership Shine

Leadership is a practice and skill that all young business professionals should strive for. But the term ‘leadership’ itself is broad and general. What does a leader necessarily do? How do they act? What does a leader encompass? Everyone has a different idea of a perfect leader and each leader has a different style of communication or representation. Some may think of a leader like a team captain. Others may simply view a leader as the most vocal, the most organized or positive.

5 Traits for Successful Leadership

Mind Tools has shared what they believe is 5 traits for successful leadership. I think these 5 traits are easily applicable to any leadership position and create a great a foundation of positive, successful and efficient leadership.

  1. Confident and positive leaders inspire and empower their people: Leaders are looked to for guidance and support. By exerting a confident and positive persona, leaders are able to inspire their people to achieve more and empower them to create great results.
  2. Emotionally intelligent leaders stay in control: Emotions and reactions can be hard to control but keeping a calm and controlled exterior is important. By taking the emotion out of every decision and thinking logically and rationally, an intelligent leader is better able to gain respect and loyalty from their people.
  3. Transformational leaders motivate: Leaders need to be an active participant and not just preach but create actions. Leaders that want positive outcomes will motivate and inspire their people at every step of the way.
  4. Successful leaders “walk the talk”:  The most successfull leader leads by example. People are better able to follow directions if their leader is exemplifying what they are looking for.
  5. Effective leaders help their people shine: A leader needs to have a good scope and overall view of their group. Highlighting each persons strengths will allow each individual to shine. When a person is confident and comfortable, better work will be produced.

How good are your leadership skills?

Take this quiz and find out how good your leadership skills are. After answering the 18 question/statement quiz, you will receive a score. The scoring section is broken up into 3 sections, ranking you based on your answers.

After viewing your score,  a personal characteristic breakdown is right below it. In this section you are scored again based off of the following characteristics:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Positive Attitude and Outlook
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Providing a Compelling Vision of the Future
  • Motivating People to Deliver the Vision
  • Being a Good Role Model
  • Managing Performance Effectively
  • Providing Support and Stimulation

I think this quiz is really beneficial on multiple levels. Not only do you get to see the quality of your leadership, but the specific characteristic breakdown also. It is important for all leaders to be self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Not all leaders are characterized in the same manner or operate in the same way. Similarly to how we want our people to shine, knowing our own personal strengths will allow for the most growth as well. Whether your strength is your confidence, intelligence, competence, or communication, capitalize on those strengths for effective leadership.

Remember that the leader doesn’t always have to be the loudest person in the room or the smartest individual. The leader is the person who is motivating and inspiring the group to success. I challenge you to find your niche and your leadership identity. Take charge of a situation or project with confidence!

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I hope this post motivates you to learn more about your leadership style and lead comfortably and confidently. If you have any comments or questions, comment below or connect with me.

-Maddy Crist

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