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Welcome to my Christian Bride Guide! A wedding inspiration blog devoted to the bride’s journey down the altar with design ideas, revolving her wedding around Christ, preparation and much more!

Hello! My name is Brittany and I am so excited that you’re here! I am  a 22 year old future bride who loves preparing for, designing + creating, and revolving my Christian wedding around my love for Jesus and my fiancé.

Through learning so much during my own wedding planning process, I felt called to share my tips and advice for other Christian brides! I chose to start a Christian bride guide because I believe that each bride should have her wedding express her love for Jesus and her future husband, all in her dream setting. As a  Christian bride, you want your wedding to be entirely centered around your love for Jesus and each other. But you may feel lost in so many choices that you have no idea where to even begin…that’s where I can help!

The Blog

Throughout this journey I will be sharing unique ways to highlight Christ during your wedding, choosing your wedding style and LOVING it, prayer plans, pre-wedding workouts for the “sleeveless” dress, healthy recipes, amazing Etsy vendors, and more! As a lover of Jesus, my goal is to help brides incorporate their love for him in their weddings while using my design experience to offer advice for making everything come together!  I hope you all enjoy my blog and I’m looking forward to sharing more tips and tricks with you!



Why “bèl fave”?

And some of you must be wondering what “bèl fave” means! I chose “bèl favè” for my blog name because the meaning holds a special place in my heart. These two words put together mean “beautiful grace” in Haitian Creole. Haiti is my favorite place in the world and during my time there, I grew deeper in my faith and learned so many lessons from the incredible and gracious people I had met. The people in Haiti had little to nothing and yet they proclaimed in everything they did that they were saved by the grace of God. That is why “grace” is my favorite word. The meaning and memories behind it will keep pushing me to live and love like the Haitian people did while they were less fortunate in any way I could imagine. Live beautifully and remember God’s grace!

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