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Wedding Decor Checklist-Wedding Design Highlighting Christ

Wedding Decor Checklist-Wedding Design Highlighting Christ

Struggling with coming up with details that will let your guests know that your marriage will be forever built on Christ? I’m so excited to share some ideas on highlighting Christ through your wedding decor!


My fiancé and I are non-denominational Christians and are having our wedding ceremony outdoors. We want to get creative and come up with meaningful ways to highlight Christ in all aspects of our wedding! Marriage is built on Christ. I believe that the wedding of two people should celebrate that notion with their guests. It’s not just about the couple, but instead a temporary union of two people in love to further God’s kingdom. How amazing is that?!

Through planning my own wedding, I’ve brainstormed ways to turn this into reality and have also found some great ideas from other resources. I’m so excited to share them with fellow Christian brides! This post is all about incorporating worship and your love through Jesus and for Jesus, in your decor pieces. There are so many ways to get creative with this and below are some ideas you can make your own!

Photo Ops

All of us brides drool over the “donut” signs or “best day ever” signs that we see all over on wedding Pinterest boards. So, since they are so beautiful and make for the perfect photo op, try incorporating your favorite bible verse on a sign! This could have to do with marriage, or it could be your favorite verse as a couple. For our wedding, we are creating a photo booth for our guests and I chose to have the main part of the backdrop, be a banner of one of my favorite verses. That way, all of our guests take a photo with them and when they look at it, they are reminded of why my fiance and I are getting married and what it truly means.

Scriptures and Statement Pieces

Another idea is to place scriptures on your guest tables. sit down with your fiance and just write out all of your favorite bible verses. It can’t get more meaningful than that! You can write them down on handmade paper or card stock, depending on what you think matches your style more!

You could also have bible verses displayed down your ceremony isle. They could be calligraphy on wooden signs sitting next to each row of chairs. Another beautiful idea is having bible verse fabric banners hanging off of the chairs. There is so many ways to get creative with this!

One of my favorite ideas is to give your guests a scripture as a wedding favor. This could be printed beautiful on card stock or handmade paper, or even on a bag that has a gift inside.

Maybe you just want one statement piece that represents Jesus at your wedding. This could be a wooden cross, bible for guests to highlight their favorite verse in, or a large scroll. Some key places would be behind where you and your fiance cut your cake, as a photo booth backdrop, near your guest book, a ceremony backdrop, and even at the food station!

An awesome thing about all of all these ideas, is that you can keep these signs or banners and hang them in your first home so that you can see them every day!

Check out my Pinterest Board with some more ideas! To learn more about me and why I created this blog, visit my About Me page.

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