Top 5 Lures for Fall Bass Fishing

| Top 5 Lures for Fall Bass Fishing |

When the water starts to cool down in the fall, eating patterns of bass start to change. They can be tricky to catch at times, but the results of catching them are super rewarding. The fish are usually large and fattened up from all summer of growing and eating. This is the perfect opportunity to go out and catch your biggest bass, be it smallmouth or largemouth.

Knowing what baits to throw and where to throw them can turn an ordinary day of fishing into a memorable one. These are my top 5 lures for fall largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing to make your next trip one that you won’t soon forget.


5. Topwater Frog

I would place this lure into more of the pond or lake lure category, where there is typically a bigger largemouth bass population, although it can still have its applications in rivers.

During the fall transition period, bass tend to feed up in the shallows and on the top of the water. A topwater frog is the perfect lure to get the bass to blowup on the surface. They also come through thick topwater weeds, allowing you to fish them almost anywhere.

4. Lipless Crankbait

Lipless crankbaits are effective in the fall because the bass are trying to stuff their bellies with shad and other baitfish before winter. Lipless crankbaits are typically loud and have a slight wobble that attract bass from a mile away. Throw them around rocks or submerged vegetation and hold on, because they hit hard.

3. Shaky Head Craw/Jig

Shaky heads and jigs are ideal for rocky bottoms of rivers or lakes. I typically throw shaky head craws for smallmouth and jigs for largemouth, but they can both catch either fish. With that being said, the times I like to bring these out is when I have found the fish and have run out of bites on my moving baits. They can be a slower alternative and can produce more fish than you even knew were in the spot.

Work on slowly dragging them over the rocks and giving them slight “hops” with your rod tip. You will feel aggressive taps when a fish is taking your lure. Give the fish a solid hookset, and they’re all yours.

2. Crankbait/Jerkbait


A crankbait is one of my go-to baits throughout the entire year, but in the fall it can be very effective for covering lots of water and finding fish. I prefer to use natural colors in the fall, something like a silver, light blue, or perch color work very well.


A lot of people throw jerkbaits in the early spring when the water is starting to warm up. I like to throw them then, but also when the water starts to cool off in the fall. It can be a great tactic once you locate schools of fish that are in a feeding frenzy.

Check out this video of one of my favorite YouTube fisherman, Jon B., as he gets on a school of feeding bass during the fall with a jerkbait. For those of you that aren’t familiar with how to work a jerkbait, pay attention to the way he is working the bait. Having this “ripping” motion can be crucial in getting the fish to bite.

Skip to 1:10 if you just want to see the fishing, but I highly recommend the whole video.



1. Spinnerbait

Spinnerbaits catch fish. Smallmouth or largemouth, it doesn’t matter. They are great at imitating shad or other baitfish that bass are feeding on during the fall. Throw them around docks, laydowns, or rocks, and strikes are sure to come.


There you have it, those are my top 5 lures for fall bass fishing. The fall really is a fun time to fish, as the temperature cools down the fish start to feed up for the winter. Fish are already fat from the summer but can grow even larger by eating more!

Now is the perfect time to go out and catch your new personal best smallmouth or largemouth bass!


For beginner anglers check out my last post for some of my beginner tips!

If you still have questions, here is another post about beginner tips from one of my favorite fishing companies, Mystery Tackle Box!

– Sam




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  1. Haven’t fished a spinner bait much… Can’t beat a jerkbait in my opinion!! Learned some stuff about other lures. Nice article.

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