The so-called KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) on social media in China


According to an estimate, a total of 30% of all the world’s goods are being consumed by the Chinese. This figure suggests that by the year 2020, the Chinese consumers will be taking more than 50% of the world’s luxury goods. These require specific digital tools to for promotion in China, and that includes utilizing influencers, which many Western brands are now focusing on selling their goods to the Chinese consumers by realizing why Key Opinion Leaders are important.

How Celebrities Act as the Best KOLs

The importance of KOLs is now highly being utilized by the UK based market. The fact that Bingbing Fan, a Chinese superstar, is the brand ambassador of many foreign brands in China shows how Bingbing is the brand ambassador of a diverse range of brands in China, including L’Oreal, Chopar, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. (Source:


The Golden Days of 网红(Internet Celebrities)

While traditionally-defined celebrities like models, pop stars and actors make great Key Opinion Leaders, new waves of celebrities which have emerged through the immense popularity of social media in China. With unique social media eco-system, Chinese social media has given birth to its own stars which are now called as the 网红(Wang Hong/internet celebrities). These stars are equally popular as any other traditional celebrity in China, and many international brands are now investing in them as their brand ambassadors.


One of the most powerful internet celebrities is @Gogoboi, a fashion blogger on Weibo and Wechat. With earning powerful attention from his followers on social media, he now has been recognized as a powerful influencer and got chances to work with prestigious brands such as Chanel and Christian Dior in China. Not only being active as a writer, he also earned the chance to interview celebrities like Cate Blanchett in a brand campaign for the SK-II.

Actually, watch the video that Gogoboi charmed Cate Blanchett as a KOL yourself.

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