We teach seniors and earn $ for the Digital Collective!

Life Long University is a continuing Education program operated through the University of Northern Iowa.
The Digital Collective does this outreach work to interface with the Cedar Falls community, brush up on our own skills, and earn funds for some of our other initiatives, such as the Photoshop Contest and our tours of area businesses.  This is what we have planned for this Spring:

Course Title: Photoshop Creativity and More

Short Description: This class, taught in Rod Library on UNI’s campus, will help you learn how to maximize your skills with the image manipulation software called Photoshop (and Photoshop’s open source, free alternative, “Gimp.”). This will be a hands-on class where much of the instruction is 1-1. DSC_0223As a team-taught class, we will cover ways to tweak and fine-tune images, demonstrate techniques to cut images out from their background, and practice designing graphics. We will stress creativity and fun. We will also help LLU students navigate any interface issues they have with their own personal technology devices. We look forward to a fun, engaging, and enriching experience! Maximum enrollment: 15 students.

Monday, Feb. 19, Feb 27, March 4, and March 11, 6-8 pm. 

FEB. 19

FEB 27