I don’t drink coffee often, but when I do it looks something like this.



If it doesn’t include loads of sugar and a pile of whipped cream on top then count me out.  However, all of these drinks are high in calories, carbs, and fat.  Which means I stay away from them at all costs.  Recently I watched a video by Brittany Dawn Fitness that shows her Top 5 healthy Starbucks drinks.  This motivated me to do some digging and find out how you can make all your favorite drinks healthier!


The easiest step to take in making your drink healthier is stick to a low calorie base.  For example, a hot or iced coffee with nothing added to it.  Coffee has relatively no calories, carbs, or fats!  This makes it a great starting point for adding some flavor.


Next you’ll want to add some kind of low calorie or sugar free flavor.  Most coffee places will have a wide variety of sugar free flavors that you can add guilt free to your base.

The most important step is to add a sweetener.  Without the sweetener, most drinks will still taste like the base you used.  For some this is delicious, but I prefer to add something to make the drink sweet.  Add a zero calorie sweetener like Sweet n’ Low or Stevia.


Along with the above tips, here are a few from a nutritionist at Starbucks!

  1. Use nonfat milk
  2. Hold the whip cream (sigh)
  3. Choose an iced drink (displaces the milk)
  4. Add espresso (low calorie and replaces milk)
  5. Add Extra foam (foamier the milk, the less calories)

For more tips about making any Starbucks drink healthier check out this page.  Also check out the video by Brittany Dawn Fitness for other ideas of healthy Starbucks options.  Hopefully this helps you choose a drink that is delicious and low calorie.


Until next Thursday 🙂



How to: Low Calorie Starbucks Drinks


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