Getting the itch to get out and start hunting for the upcoming season? Make sure you take this itch to go over a list of things you need done before you go out on your hunt.


It has probably been a couple of months if not a year since you last used your weapon. I would highly recommend you take the time to inspect you weapon and equipment regarding the weapon. If you take it out into the field with inspecting it and having check-ups done, you’re risking injuring yourself and your belongings. Early season accidents can happen and you don’t want to be a statistic, in a bad way. For bowhunters, if you left your broadheads in the case with your bow, transporting the case could have knocked those broadheads around and nicked your string. Do not let something simple ruin your chance of being successful in your next hunt. Also for bowhunters, take it to your local shop to have an inspection done those guys are there to help and will know if there are any problems.


As far as it goes for your clothing, get some scent blocker detergent for your washer and wash then air dry your clothes. Odds are your clothing have picked up on another scent and not in its midseason form. If there is deer in the area your are in and you’re not scent free they can bust you and ruin your hunt. Turkey’s for example are smart and use deer and other animals to pick up on senses in where they lack.

Small Equipment

Small equipment such as, binoculars, range finders, and calls all need to be test and inspected before the season. If you left your range finder in a bag all year the batteries could be dead and it becomes useless. Calls can dry out and crack such as mouth calls. I personally just experienced it and tested it two weeks prior and came to find out the pitch turned super high. By taking that high pitched call out into the field could do the exact opposite of what it is suppose to do which is drive them away. Don’t be that guy that just says I’m going to wing it! Be prepared and be successful!