Are you not sure what to do once you see an animal? Just out these few pointer that I have learned from the best.

1st Call of the Evening/Morning

If you’re not seeing anything that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t animals near you. Once you get settled in you need to wait 30 minutes incase you spooked anything walking in. Unless you see an animal but for the sake of the post, wait to start doing anything for 30 minutes.

2nd Set of Calls

After you have done your first set of calls and still haven’t seen anything that doesn’t mean you stop. 30 minute intervals are how often you should be doing the calling. I have found success in using a rattle call first then transfering to a grunt call a couple minutes after, this allows for the buck to hear the rattling and come check it out then get pin point the grunt call bringing him to you.

Additional Calling Information

Once you see your deer in sights and trying to get him, you need to pay close attention to head and ear movement. Knowing when they move their heads up and changing their ear directions tells us they are hearing you and trying to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. Once they are in distance of you never blow the grunt call directly at them because they will be able to tell where you are, instead take the call and turn it to the side so they don’t look directly at you.