For those who do not understand why hunting is important, then let me teach you a little knowledge. There are so many positives that come from the hunting community.


When you first think of hunting I’m sure the first thought always goes towards how we, as hunters, are destroying wildlife. This is 100% wrong, although we do take the life of an animal we are limited to the amount we can take per day/season. Before hunting seasons even start we are required to purchase a license and then a tag. These fees are transferred to the Department of Natural Resources who use the money to make habitats stronger and healthier. There is a saying that is 100% true, hunting is conservation and conservation is hunting. Then for some people that will say what about people killing animals in Africa? There will always be dirty hunters just like there are dirty cops and people that give off a bad reputation. People that hunt animals out of country pay big money to hunt the animal and the meat gets donated to people in need. Hunter’s don’t just walk out there and chose which one they want to shoot. They are given a couple of options for management.

Lessons and Values

Hunting teaches youth and adults values and lesson, no matter what the age is. Hunting teaches us patience, perseverance, and grit. Patience comes from stalking and waiting out your game you’re targeting, and perseverance comes from patience as well too. Perseverance comes from not achieving your goal in a hunt one year but then comeback the next year change your strategy to be successful. Grit comes from the yearly grind it takes from preseason all the way to when the season arrives. There is so much preparation that goes into it, it is just something that has so much value.