Wondering if you shot was good or bad? I can tell you some tips that I have learned over the years that could help you find you deer.


On a lung shot, you are looking for blood that is light red and bubbly. Obviously, it is bubbly because the blood is coming out from where they breathe. The blood is a much lighter red than a heart shot too. You can expect you deer to run 100-150 yards and die within that range. There should be a decent amount of blood to follow as well. I always recommend waiting 30 minutes before checking so you don’t kick him back up. That should give him plenty of time to lay down and die.

Heart Shot

Hitting the heart should leave a very dark red because its coming from the pumping source. There will also be a massive blood trail that will look like a murder scene. You can expect to see this deer die if you are in a pretty open location. The max would probably be 100 yards, but can expect to find it 50-75 yards from the shot. Heart shots are pretty obvious to tell and shouldn’t have to wait long to retrieve your harvest.

Gut Shot

For a gut shot the first thing I will say is go put a mask on! If the arrow passes all the way through you will find a green chunky subject on the arrow. Now with a gut shot you will see very little blood because any blood leaking should be filling in the cavity. This is the most interesting shot because of how the deer reacts. They will run around 50-75 yards and turn around then look in the direction from where they came. They will then walk with a hunch in their back until they find a place to lay down. I would NOT go after it until the morning because the deer will take long time to pass. When you go back out in the morning check around the first place you saw them lay down. This is because they will sometimes return to their first bedding spot. Secondly I would go look by any water source because in the night they will run a high fever and get water to cool down. Like I said in the beginning you are going to need a mask because it is going to smell very bad!!!

White Hair Shot

If you happen to find white hair, you are more than liekly in trouble. Finding white hair means that the shot placement was too low and shaved the hair off the belly. It could also mean you shot too far forward around the neck area. I am not too sure about what to look for when there is a neck shot because I never had an arrow go there. On the other hand, the shot that is too low don’t lose total hope but don’t get too much. This deer will probably live through the night and be in rough shape in the morning. They still can be mobile but they might not be it just depends how much the broadhead got on the way through.