Wedding Planning FAQ’s

Wedding Planning FAQ’s

Q 1: When is the best time to have your wedding?

A 1: It all depends on preference. If you are wanting an outside wedding in warmer weather, then I would plan your wedding in the warmer months while also looking at weather patterns. I would look for months where there is a low chance of precipitation to make your odds of a clear wedding day higher. If you are wanting to have a Christmas wedding or do not have a preference, then you could plan your wedding in the cooler months. If you are going to be inside, then weather isn’t a huge factor, but keep in mind that a snowstorm on your wedding day may decrease your number of guests. Also, a lot of venues have a discounted rate if you decide to get married not during wedding season (usually spring/summer).

Q 2: When should I plan to go on my honeymoon?

A 2: Usually, couples go on their honeymoon a few days after their wedding. This gives them time to relax, open gifts, and pack before having to leave for their honeymoon. You can also postpone your honeymoon if the time isn’t right with work or other responsibilities. This gives you an “excuse” to take a vacation whenever you want with a purpose! Another reason to postpone your honeymoon would be because of your honeymoon destination’s weather. If you are wanting to go somewhere tropical, make are you are not going during hurricane season.

Q 3: Should I allow a plus one for all my guests?

A 3: No. If you are inviting a guest that has been in a relationship for a long time, then I would allow a plus one. If you are inviting a guest that is not currently in a relationship, then I would leave off that plus one. This makes it easier on you when it comes to preparing and planning for a certain number of guests. If someone really wants to bring a plus one, they should ask you before hand so you are aware.

Q 4: What do I do about people that do not RSVP?

A 4: I would have a separate table for those who did not RSVP if you are doing assigned seating. If you are doing a free for all seating, then I would just have a few extra tables incase some of those people decide to show up. All in all, it is not your fault if you do not have enough seating if they decided not to RSVP. To go along with RSVP, if there are some important people that have not seemed to RSVP, you can always check up on them to see if they are planning on attending (but I would not do that for all of your guests who haven’t RSVP’d).

Q 5: Do I pay for my bridal parties dresses, hair, makeup, etc?

A 5: You are not obligated to pay for any of that. Some brides might buy the dress or hair/makeup as a gift for the bridesmaids instead of doing gifts at the end for your bridal party (same goes for the groomsmen).

Q 6: Should I do a buffet or plated meal?

A 6: Usually, the caterers can do both buffet or plated meals upon request. If there are caterers that only allow one or the other, then you are going to have to go with what they say. From experience, I have had both buffet and plated meals at weddings. Plated seems to go a little faster because you are not having all your guests wait in line. For a buffet, your guests can get exactly what they want and have less wasted food.

Q 7: What should I do about alcohol at my wedding?

A 7: First, you would have to see your venue’s rules about having alcohol at your wedding. A lot of venues require a police officer to be present which does cost quite a bit of money per hour. The venue might provide the bar or you might have to rent one. When it comes to who pays for the alcohol, you can either have an open bar or cash bar. You can buy a certain amount of beer/wine and have that be complementary and have all liquor be cash bar. That seems to be a pretty popular choice made by couples lately. If you are having alcohol, make sure you have transportation for your guests.

Q 8: Is it rude to not allow kids at my wedding?

A 8: I personally do not see a problem with not allowing kids to a wedding. If you are wanting a more adult feel to your wedding and less chaos, then you can state in your invite that there are to be no kids (in a nice way, of course). If you have a lot of relatives and if you are close with the kids in your family, then I would allow children at your wedding because they are probably looking forward to seeing you.

Q 9: Who pays for the wedding?

A 9: Traditionally, the bride’s family would pay for the wedding and the groom’s family would pay for the rehearsal. Now, both bride and groom usually pay for their wedding with help from their families if needed.

Q 10: Is it rude to leave your wedding reception when guests are still there?

A 10: It is your day and you can do what you want. I would make sure you let your guests know you are leaving so they can send you off. Also, make sure there are people in charge to get all of your guests out at the time you and your venue agreed on so you do not have to pay any additional costs for going over your time.



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Top Bridal Gown Designers

Seeing the bride walk down the isle in her dress is something I look forward to seeing at weddings. Every bride is different when it comes to their wedding dress, which makes each bride unique. In this blog post, I will be showcasing some of the most respected bridal gown designers and their work.

Vera Wang


Pnina Tornai


Milla Nova


Julie Vino




Pallas Couture



Bridal Shower Games

Every bride needs a bridal shower! Here are some bridal shower games in order to make the shower fun and entertaining!

  1. Bridal Shower Game 1: The Newlywed Game

    1. This was a game that I planned for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. Before hand, I made a list of questions to ask the groom such as:
      • What is your favorite color?
      • What is your favorite quality about your fiancé?
      • Where is your dream vacation?
      • What is your favorite movie?
      • What is the first thing you noticed about your fiancé?
    2. After I made the questions, I video taped the groom answering these questions on my laptop.
    3. I then made him make a list of consequences that his fiancé would have to do for him if she got these questions wrong.
    4. At the bridals shower, I brought my laptop with the groom’s videos to play after the bride answered each question.
    5. I would ask her each question and then play the groom’s response to see if she was correct or not.
    6. If she got a question wrong, I handed her a piece of paper with a consequence on it (that she had to read out loud) that the groom had picked out.
  2. Bridal Shower Game 2: Who Said It?

    1. This is kind of like the newlywed game but turned around. You will ask both the bride and groom questions before hand about their love life so far. Some questions could be:
      • How would you describe your first kiss?
      • What was the best thing about your first date?
      • What was your favorite vacation that you guys took together?
      • What is something that annoys the other?
    2. Write down each response from the bride and groom for an answer sheet for yourself.
    3. Make a list of the questions you asked along with both answers (leaving out pronouns to make sure it is unrecognizable who said what) on a sheet of paper and give each guest a sheet.
    4. Make each guest circle which response they thought the bride said.
    5. Whoever gets the most right, wins.
  3. Bridal Shower Game 3: Celebrity Couples

    1. This was also a game that I set up for her bridal shower. This one is fairly simple when it comes to preparing.
    2. Make a list of married celebrities and have an answer key with their spouse’s name attached for you.
    3. Hand out a sheet to each guest with the celebrity wife’s name and a blank space where they need to fill in the celebrities husband’s name.
    4. Whoever gets the most right, wins.
  4. Bridal Shower Game 4: Words of Wisdom

    1. This is not a game but is still a fun thing to do. When doing words of wisdom, you can have each guest write down a piece of advice for the bride or a recipe. At the shower I held, we wanted to do something different so we did a recipe since the bride loves to cook. When we sent out the invitations, we included cute recipe cards in the invite so the guests could write down a recipe and bring it to the shower to give to the bride.
  5. Bridal Shower Game 5: Memories

    1. Another fun activity would be to have every guest either write down a memory of the bride and groom together or the bride. This can get funny and bring back those sweet memories about the bride and groom. This will take her down memory lane and appreciate everyone that has a positive impact on their relationship or friendship.
    2. If you want to make it a game, you could have everyone write down their memory on a piece of paper, and the bride has to guess whose memory it is.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Are you wanting to plan your own wedding? Here is a helpful wedding planning checklist of items to help you through the planning process.

  1. Get a binder/folder

    1. This will help you sort information about venues, vendors, decorations, dresses, guests, etc.
  2. Wedding License

    1. Make sure you are licensed in the state that you are planning to get married in
  3. Budget

    1. Make sure it is realistic! Nothing is worse than researching pricing for weddings and realizing your budget will not suffice.
  4. Guest list and wedding party

    1. Figure out the size that you want your wedding to be.
    2. Write down all people you WANT to invite (may have to cut down due to budget or venue)
    3. Choose/ask people for wedding party
  5. Venue searching

    1. Also include wedding officiant
    2. Make sure the venue fits most of your requirements/wants
    3. Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue
  6. Vendors

    1. Flowers, DJ, catering, cake, rental company, photographer, bartender/alcohol, hotel, limousine service, bus service
    2. Wedding Vendors
    3. Make sure you schedule tastings for your caterer and cake (or whatever dessert you choose)
    4. Look at alcohol requirements for your venue
    5. For your photographer, include: pictures that you are wanting done and people who you are wanting to be included in photos
  7. Engagement photos!

    1. Find photographer
    2. Find picture ideas
    3. Choose a date
    4. Choose images to send on Save The Date
  8. Send Save the Dates

    1. Once you have finalized your venue, date, and guest list!
  9. Look for decorations

    1. Put all your ideas in your binder
    2. See what you can make yourself or what you will have to rent/buy
    3. Find rental companies that will provide these decorations if the venue doesn’t
  10. Register for gifts

    1. This is the fun part!
  11. Look for honeymoon destinations

    1. Also another fun part!
    2. Separate budget
  12. Bridal Shower

    1. Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids are mostly responsible for this
  13. Wedding dress shopping/suit shopping

    1. Find your perfect dress ladies!
    2. Find bridesmaid dresses
    3. Pick out groom’s suit
    4. Pick out groomsmen suits
  14. Send out real invitations

    1. Make sure people RSVP within time range
    2. Start making seating arrangements based on who did RSVP
  15. Confirm all vendors

    1. Give date and exact number of guests who have RSVP’d
  16. Buy wedding rings

  17. Book any spa treatments

    1. Hair, makeup, nails
    2. Do trials for your hair and makeup to make sure it is exactly what you want!
  18. Write vows

    1. Are you writing your own?
    2. What readings you want to be included during the ceremony
    3. Any music you are wanting played
  19. Plan rehearsal dinner

    1. Where, When, Who, Food, Photographer, Officiant, Drinks
  20. HAVE FUN!


Planning a wedding can be very stressful at times. If you are needing help, don’t be afraid to ask people for their help or for their opinions!

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Knotty Pine Venue

Knotty Pine Venue

Last week, I was able to go visit a brand new wedding venue right off of Highway 169 near Desoto, IA. Knotty Pine Venue is about 30 minutes West of Des Moines, which is a perfect location for anyone looking for a venue near the Des Moines area. This venue was built by the owners themselves, Lynn and Dorisa Scott. As I walked into the venue, I was blown away. The woodwork was so well done and the venue was so neat and clean. Knotty Pine Venue is able to do weddings, showers, graduation parties, corporate events, and pretty much anything you can think of.


Besides the outstanding look of this venue, there are some amenities that are included when you rent this venue. They provide round tables and chairs that can hold 250 people. Knotty Pine Venue also has separate bride and grooms’ rooms. These rooms are not your typical rooms that you see at other venues. These rooms are very large to accommodate the wedding party, the room has its own bathroom inside, plenty of mirrors and chairs, and easy access to the reception area.

The whole venue is handicap assessable since it is only one story. This is something that not a lot of venues think about, which could end up being a deciding factor for a bride. You are given access to the catering room which has refrigerator, ice machine, and microwave for your vendors.  There is a specific area for the bar and the food with plenty of outlets. The bride and groom are able to bring in their own caterers/bartenders (as long as they are licensed within Iowa) which is something a lot of venues do not let happen.

The “WOW” Factor

For me, I am in love with lighting. When I first walked into this venue, I noticed all the bistro lighting that they had intertwined above. This is absolutely beautiful. Without a doubt, your guests’ jaws would drop immediately. Lynn and Dorisa put so much time and effort into creating this beautiful venue. They were so pleasant to meet with and would be willing to accommodate for anyone’s needs. There was not a single thing that I would change about the look and feel of this venue. If a bride is looking for a rustic wedding venue, or even something a little different, then they should check out Knotty Pine Venue.



For more information about Knotty Pine Venue:


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Wedding Theme

Gatsby Wedding Theme

This has been a wedding theme that is becoming more popular with weddings. I recently helped set up for a Gatsby themed wedding reception and it was very pretty! You could either do a little with this theme or you can go all out. Black, gold, pearls, and feathers are all things that you think about when thinking about Gatsby. If you are wanting to do just a little Gatsby decorations, you can start out with either white, gold, or black table cloths. Those colors give you a variety of centerpiece options that you can choose from. When looking at centerpieces, you could find a vase (color depending on your table cloth) with some feathers, gold branches, and pearls hanging from the branches. Some other options would be a huge feather centerpiece. This would be a big hit with your guests and would really catch their attention. If you wanted to incorporate flowers, you could do some white flowers with a some candles and pears around the the flowers. Glass and pearls give it a more sleek and elegant look which matches the Gatsby theme. Some miscellaneous decorations could be gold picture frames around the venue, hanging lights, a extravagant chandelier, and a checkerboard dance floor. There are so many different decorations that you can choose from. If you are wanting to go above and beyond, you could make your guests dress the part. That would make everything seem more real and really make your decorations pop. That is one wedding nobody would forget!

Halloween Wedding Theme

Since Halloween is coming up, I felt like it would be a good idea to give some ideas for a Halloween themed wedding. I think this would be such an unique and fun wedding to go to. There are so many different ideas that you could include for a great price. You can get all of these decorations for a really good price, especially if you start a year early, and get all the post Halloween sales! One idea that would be just too good to pass up would to have all your guests show up in a costume. This would be the icing on the cake. Some decoration ideas would be, of course, dark colors, orange, pumpkins, and spider webs. Depending on how “scary” you want to get, you can almost make it like a haunted house. You can hire people whose main purpose would be to scare your guests. You can do all sorts of treats that incorporate the Halloween wedding theme in them by making pretzel spiders, pumpkin cupcakes, cotton candy that looks like a spider web, etc. For decorations, I would most likely recommend doing a black table cloth with a purple runner. That would be a perfect mix of dark with a pop of color while still keeping the Halloween theme. You can do centerpieces with white or orange flowers and incorporate plastic spiders throughout the flowers. You can also string some “web” throughout the flowers to make it look like a spider’s web. If you want to do a less scary theme, then you could put pumpkins as the centerpiece. For a cute activity, you could set out mini pumpkins with markers and have your guests sign/decorate the pumpkins. This would keep your guests occupied before serving food.

Christmas Wedding Theme

Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of the year right? Why not just make it an all in one celebration? If you are wanting to have a winter wedding, then this christmas wedding theme would be the perfect fit. This theme would make your wedding feel so special and put everyone in a joyful mood. One thing that I know puts me in the Christmas spirit would be Christmas music. You could have your DJ play all Christmas music for your wedding and that would be such a great bonus. Red, green, trees, and snow, are all things you can incorporate with this theme. Not going too overboard with these colors would be the hardest thing to do. It would be a good idea to have more of a white tablecloth with either a red or green runner to bring out the Christmas part. If you have red and green tables then it would be too bold and could be too much. Going with more of a light color with the accent color can help you go above and beyond in your other decorations. You could do snowmen, white flowers, red flowers, crystals, mini christmas trees, and ornaments all as centerpieces. The options are endless. You could decorate your venue with multiple Christmas trees, Christmas lights, fake snow, reindeer, etc. I could go on and on with these ideas. For food, you could have a snow cone machine, candy reindeer, candy canes, and any Christmas decoration for cupcakes and cakes. If you want to go more elegant with your decorating, you can do a lot of crystals, glass, and pearls. This would give it more of a winter wonderland feel.

60/70’s Wedding Theme

Here is a rockin’ wedding theme! If you are wanting a 60/70’s theme wedding you could really have a good time! The 70’s were ll about being groovy and over the top. The first thing that came to my mind would be a disco ball. You would NEED to incorporate this in your decorations if you were wanting to do a 60/70’s wedding theme. This would get all your guests wanting to get up and dance while also giving your wedding that WOW factor. You could decorate with mini disco balls as centerpieces, old records, peace signs, and also all different colored flowers. You can do a lot with the colors for this theme. A lot of pinks, greens, yellows, or pretty much all bright colors. Again with the colors like the Christmas wedding, you would want more of a light solid color for a cloth and then bring out the colors with a runner or centerpieces. Where you really want to go all out would be with your venue decorations. Like I said earlier, a disco ball would have to be included while also incorporating a funky photo booth for your guests, lava lamps, and also different colored balloons. Balloons would bring out a lot of color if you decide to do a more subtle table arrangement. You could do multicolor cupcake frosting, peace sign cookies, and a checkerboard dance floor. ,,

Added Bonus

If any of you are puppy lovers, this is how I was writing my blog post tonight….



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Wedding Videos

This week, I’m going to be sharing some videos that I think would be helpful to all you newly engaged couples! Below are two videos with some of my own opinions about them. Enjoy!

Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips


I really like their tips! They go into great depth to explain each tip that they provide. One that I really love is a scrapbook. It is a great idea to get visuals so you can show people exactly what you are looking for. Not everyone can see your vision and if you want them to really understand it, then showing them pictures is a great idea. Also, you will have every picture and idea in the same spot and not have to dig around to find all of your ideas.

Along with that, their tip about finding exactly what you and your significant other want is something I completely agree with. It is your wedding, and it is good to get advice from others but when it comes down to it you, will choose what you want. It makes your special day more unique and memorable for you and your guests.

WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! That is something that I have not mentioned yet throughout my posts. Make sure you write down everything that you are thinking, calling about, wanting, etc. Make sure you are writing down your budget and everything you are purchasing. This will keep things organized and also help you in the long run if you are having questions. By writing down all the details about your vendors, it will keep you on track and keep everyone on the same page.


Help! I’m Engaged!

I love how one of their brides mentioned a wedding planner. A wedding planner takes off so much stress and makes your day easy going. Make sure you and your wedding planner are on the same page and have the same vision. Wedding planners do packages to where you can hire them for the whole process, just for finding vendors, or the day of. Depending on your wedding planner, these might differ. If you are just needing a little help with ideas, vendors, locations, budgeting, or whatever you can think of, a wedding planner is the person to talk to.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of brides complaining about their pictures on their wedding day. You cannot relive your wedding day so you are wanting them to be perfect. Meet with multiple photographers and see which ones fit your vision and your budget. They will know exactly what you want if you bring ideas, bring a list of people that need their photos taken together, and explain to them what is most important to you. This will make the process go by faster and will also help them exceed your expectations.

I love the bride that said that she did not want to know about all the little things that were going wrong. It’s your special day and you don’t need more things to stress about. If you are a guest, bridesmaid, or family member, you should be making sure that everything is running smoothly so the bride and groom can have a stress free wedding. If the bride/groom don’t notice it, then everything is good in their eyes.


Wrap Up

Both of these video give great advice and tips for your wedding day. You get to hear from real brides about their regrets or wishes during their wedding planning process and their wedding day. You can subscribe to both of these channels if you are wanting to learn more about weddings and to help you during your planning! Happy planning and good luck!

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Wedding Location Tips

Ceremony Location

When you are looking at where you want to hold your ceremony, you have a few decisions to make. Are you going with the traditional church wedding or an outside location? How far is your ceremony from your reception location? Will you be having both ceremony and reception at the same place? How far will people be traveling? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself when thinking about your wedding location.

Weddings are becoming more unique as time goes on. A lot of brides are straying away from the traditional church wedding venue for the ceremony and going with more unique places such as wineries, mountains, in the woods, or on a beach. As great as all of those options sound, there are some drawbacks. Some of these locations don’t hold the capacity of people that you are wanting. If you are looking at having your ceremony in the mountains or even in the woods, you have to think about your guests. Are these locations easy to get to by car or will they have to take some other transportation. Do any of your guests have physical limitations that would restrain them from getting to these locations? If these are well-known wedding locations then there are usually pathways and easy transportation. If you are really wanting to find your own spot and make it your own, you might be faced with some of those questions.

Another thing to consider would be weather. If you are having an indoor ceremony then there isn’t anything to worry about. If you are choosing to have an outside location for your ceremony, you should do research on if that tends to be a rainy month, colder, etc. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan incase worse comes to worse and the weather does not hold up.

Away from all the negative, all these locations make your ceremony beautiful. Whether it’s in a church or your backyard, there is something special and unique in each one. Decorations bring out the best in each location and that is where you can make it your own.


Reception Location

From talking with past brides, event planners, and wedding venues, one thing that was always mentioned was to try and have your ceremony and reception at the same place. This makes it easier on you, your guests, and your vendors. Having everything you need in one place rather than two can make the night less stressful.

The reception is where you can go full out with decorations and really put some thought into it. Along with the ceremony, you can either choose to have an indoor or outdoor reception. Normally, the reception is inside with maybe some cocktail tables outside or some additional seating outside if available. You could be faced with he same concerns as the ceremony when it comes to weather. If you are wanting a little bit of both, then the additional outside seating would be the way to go. You won’t have to worry about moving all your guests inside if the weather is not cooperating.

By having your ceremony and reception at the same location makes the process a lot easier. From talking to venues, there are some that do not offer the option to have both there. When faced in this situation, you need to look at distance traveled. You don’t want your guests having to drive a far distance to your ceremony, then a ways to your reception, and then a ways back home. Your reception should also be close to a hotel that you are recommending your out of town guests to stay at.

From looking at all these things to consider, my biggest piece of advice would be to try and find a place that you want to hold both your ceremony and reception at. This relieves stress and is more convenient. If you are wanting an outside aspect to your wedding, look at weather patterns and have a backup plan. But always remember, it’s good luck to have it rain on your wedding day 🙂

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Wedding Vendors


There are so many different aspects that need considered when planning a wedding. Nobody really understands everything that needs to be done until it’s their turn. Some of these things include vendors. Who’s going to cater? Who’s going to make the cake? Where am I going to get all my decorations/flowers? Who will be my photographer? All these questions are going to be addressed in this blog post.


When it comes to catering, there many different things to consider. Is there going to be anyone with any sort of food allergies at the wedding? How many people are needing to be fed? Will you be doing buffet style or will there be servers taking orders? There are catering companies that are specifically for these events and there are also restaurants that can cater. When looking for caterers, always test the food to see if you like it. The last thing you want is gross food at your wedding that everyone is having to eat.

I recently met with the owner of A Moment in Thyme, a catering company in Cedar Falls, IA. The owner, Len, gave me great advice when it comes to weddings. Always make sure that your venue has a kitchen to accommodate all the food that is necessary. One of his biggest pet peeves is when there is no specific spot to prepare/store the food before the wedding. This makes it more difficult on the catering company. Another piece of advice was to make sure that the food will be easy to transport. It is difficult if you are having a reception upstairs. Having to haul huge trays of food up stairs is not one of Len’s favorite things to do.

Catering can become pricy depending on what type of food you are wanting and also how many guest you will be serving. From contacting different catering companies, I have noticed that the average price for catering per person is anywhere between $15-$25 a plate. Again, there are places that could be less or more depending on the type and quality of the food.


More and more weddings are starting to stray away from the traditional wedding cake at the reception. I have seen pies, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, cheesecake, and many more. Some couples are starting to just do an all dessert wedding, which in my opinion, sounds like the best idea ever. When looking at who to choose to make these desserts, you need to ask yourself some of the same questions that you would ask your caterer that I mentioned above.

The desserts have a little more detail when it comes to it. You can include your wedding colors to match your desserts along with different unique decor that tie in with the rest of the decorations you have at your reception. When it comes to your traditional wedding cakes, you can choose to have a sheet cake, tiered cake, or a custom design.

I think that straying away from the traditional wedding cake is a great idea. Being unique in your type of desserts or even the style of your cake can make your wedding stand out. Remember, it’s about what YOU like and what YOU want. It’s YOUR wedding.


A wedding venue can simply just supply the space or can supply all the decorations. Depending on what you want, this might mean you are going to have to rent some things out from a rental company. Usually, the main items rented would be tables, chairs, linens, and some decorations. Some wedding venues would supply the tables and chairs and you would only have to figure out what you want to do for the decor part of it. What color should your table cloths be to match your wedding colors? Do you want chair covers and chair decorations? Are you going to do more DIY centerpieces or rent/buy them? If you are wanting tips on decorations, visit my blog post about wedding decorations. It explains some DIY decor options along with some more elegant decoration ideas.

Another huge cost that a lot of couples forget about would be flowers. Flowers are one of my favorite things to see at weddings. They are so romantic, beautiful, and tie the whole wedding together. Flowers do not come cheap especially if you are wanting your whole venue to be covered in them. You can get flowers to match the color and theme of your wedding. If you are doing more of a fall wedding, you might have a different “look” of flowers than you would for a summer wedding. Here are some examples below:



Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You are going to want to look back at pictures of your special day and remember such a great day. A photographer will be capturing those candid moments of you and your significant other, your guests, and your venue. You are going to want someone who has the same visions as you so you are both on the same page.

When looking for a photographer, you want to look at their pricing, what is all included in the price, and the types of photos they take. You can give them ideas of what you are wanting to do for photos and poses. To make your wedding pictures go more smoothly, it is a good idea to have a list of all family members that need their pictures taken, ideas for poses you want for you and your significant other, ideas for bridal party pictures, and also how you want them to photograph your ceremony. Nothing is worse than looking at the pictures after your wedding and not liking them.

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Best Wedding Venues in Iowa

If you are newly engaged and still looking for that perfect wedding venue, then this is the blog post for you! The Des Moines Register named these venues some of the best venues in Iowa. I will give a description of each venue with pictures and reviews for your own benefit.

Barnes Place

Barnes Place is first wedding venue that is mentioned in this article. This venue is located in Adel, Iowa which is very close to where I live. I have always heard positive reviews about this place from previous customers and also friends that have worked there. They have such a unique landscape that would be perfect for rustic weddings. They have space outdoors and also indoors to meet all of your needs if you are wanting an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception. Barnes is known for “having it all” when it comes to amenities and decorations. The staff there sets up everything for your wedding so you do not have to worry about a thing.

Below are some pictures that I have gathered from their website: 

If you are wanting reviews about people’s experiences at Barnes, go to:


Bash Events and Catering

If you are wanting a wedding venue close to Downtown Des Moines, then this is the venue for you. You get all the beautiful views of downtown on your special day. I do not have any personal connections with this place, but from the looks of the pictures, it’s beautiful. This place is available to accommodate a large number of guests if you are looking to have a larger wedding. One unique thing about this venue is the on site catering. You won’t need to look for a caterer and worry about the transportation which could take off a great deal of stress. From what I have read, their food seems to be the best there is and their service is top notch!

Below are some pictures that I have gathered from their website:


If you are wanting reviews about people’s experiences at Bash, go to:


Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

Another wedding venue that is mentioned in the article is Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden is known for its beautiful scenery of flowers, trees, and views of downtown. They do indoor or outdoor ceremonies and receptions, whatever your preference is. This venue can hold up to 500 people outside and a little over 200 people inside. This would be great for a large spring or summer outside wedding. Another great reason to book the Botanical Garden would be for photography. You would be able to do almost to all of your wedding pictures there. You would have a beautiful backdrop for day and/or evening wedding.

Below are some pictures that I have gathered from their website:

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Noah’s Event Center

The last one I will be talking about is Noah’s Event Center. I have heard a lot of positive word of mouth reviews about this place. This venue would be perfect for an elegant wedding! They have spaces both indoor and outdoor that you can choose from for weddings during any season. Noah’s Event Center is very well-known and is located all throughout the United States. If you are thinking about going beyond Iowa for your wedding, you can still get married at one of Noah’s locations. Being that they are well-known, they have experts working for them which will hopefully make your experience as stress free as possible.

Below are some pictures that I have gathered from their website:

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