Thursday 23rd September 2021

5 Spring Courses To Add To Your Schedule

UNI has plenty of classes to offer, but there are some that you should highly consider adding to your schedule. The 5 classes below are ones that will help you build your experience all while enhancing and improving your skills.

Advertising Campaign Development- Matthew Wilson, MKTG 4150, Digital Advertising Bundle

Advertising Campaign Development is a course in the Marketing Department that simulates a real-world advertising agency experience. Students will respond to a marketing challenge from a major brand to create a single comprehensive advertising campaign. Our campaign will be entered in the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) administered by the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Learn more about why you should take this class, how to get in, the trophy we’re looking to reclaim, and what the client you will be working with this year here!


Issues in Digital Humanities- David Grant, ENGLISH 4160, Digital Writing Bundle

We all see the text but this course will help you get the most of how to visualize that text. The course will also take a step into distant reading as well as archival research and curation. The steps taking into these areas will also be assisted with more coding practice to help tie it all together. The course is welcomed to graduate and undergraduate students.



Interactive Digital Studies Practicum- Bettina Fabos, UNIV 4555-01, All IDS Bundles

This course is the culminating experience for the .ids major. It’s an applied, project-based course that brings together .ids Majors across the concentrations into a tech-startup type atmosphere where expectations are high. Working with a real client (within the University or the community), students collaborate on a content-driven, interactive online project that transforms (and makes accessible) the research of a UNI professor (e.g., an expert in art history or developmental psychology) or a UNI Institute (e.g., UNI’s Center for Energy and Environmental Education) into interactive digital media form. The .ids Practicum is a professionalization experience, where you apply all your digital, collaboration, and project management, skills, plus a great deal of creativity and critical thinking, to some really important content, and do it all under tight deadlines. Your work will generate a tangible portfolio piece as you graduate from the University. Last spring, IDS students created and crafted Imagine Iowa, that is now being submitted for national awards. This course is only offered in the spring, so if you are graduating in December of 2017, make sure to enroll because there is no fall equivalent.


Applied Writing: Projects, Grants, and Careers- Adrienne Lamberti, ENGLISH 4785, Digital Writing Bundle

Sharpen your writing by crafting it and integrating it into the workplace communication. Projects, grants, and careers are some of the various ways that will be integrated all while helping to improve your writing skills.

Applied Writing: Workplace Communication- Adrienne Lamberti, ENGLISH 4765, Digital Writing Bundle

Enhance your workplace communication by integrating your writing skills. This course will help guide you on how to effectively put your writing skills into the workplace communication all while looking at ways to enhance them.

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