Thursday 07th July 2022

Bold Borders in Graphic Design

Haven’t borders always been a thing?

Yes, borders have always been a part of graphic design. I’m talking about the negative space or even the decorative visuals at the edge of the paper. They can aid in the printing process by creating margins, or they can be purely visual. They help create a nice clean edge to your design, and they contain your image into a neat space.


Catalyst 2015: “Awaken The Wonder” Branding by Russell Shaw

Despite these borders being common through out design. I have noticed recently that designers have been using them in an exciting way! I have noticed the use of bright, bold borders around different types of designs. They usually are a solid color that can be found inside the design, or they contain a similar type of visual, such as a pattern.



These bold borders help to unify the whole design, while also creating a clean edge. They compliment the main design, while adding their own little excitement.


Wildlife by Tobias Faisst

Want to recreate this look?

I would start by keeping your design simple. It will always be a balance between the bold border and what you have inside of that border. I suggest using a thinner border to start, and using one a single color that you used inside your design. If you only have one color in your design, you could try using it’s compliment to frame your design as well. I provided some examples below.

border examples-01

Additionally, if you are using a picture in your design, you could try picking out some of the colors inside that picture, or the compliments of those colors. You will just want to keep in mind to not over power the whole design with too thick of a border.


Finally, feel free to download my designs, and use them to your liking! Thank you for reading and best of luck designing!

This article was originally published on Graphic Design Trends. Used with permission.

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