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College Libraries Can And Should Be Using Instagram

In today’s fast-paced world, we don’t have the time to read long, text-heavy articles anymore. It’s the era of infographics, images, videos, or anything that can be seen or read in under two minutes. This is why it’s so vital and important to be utilizing the photography and short videography social media tool: Instagram.

One place that needs to adapt to the ever-changing digital world is the college library. There are definitely some college libraries out there that have discovered the power of Instagram to show off that they are still here and always will be.

Here are some unique ways college libraries are using Instagram to help market themselves and ways that other libraries can take some ideas from.

1. The Staff

People who work in college libraries can seem a little intimidating. A good way to lessen this is to show and feature staff members in their workplaces or in their favorite place in the library. Have them say something about why they love what they do, why they love libraries, and tips they may have. Combine this with a useful hashtag like #MeetTheStaff in order to make for good posting.

2. The Student Workers

Congrats to our student Diksha for winning Servant Leadership Award! #weloveourstudents #purpleisgold

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Show off the student employees for their work for the library, classroom, or even their work for their organizations. Showcasing student workers who have gone above and beyond in their position wouldn’t hurt to share either. The college library staff is important but the students deserve to be showcased as well.

3. Instagram Challenge

Create an Instagram Challenge to increase followers with a time sensitive challenges and give an incentive like Commerce’s Public Library did with their staff jumping into the pool. When the goal or challenge is met, be sure to follow through on the incentive. This makes for a way to not just post a picture of the staff or students doing something, but rather providing a video that has the potential to go viral with the right tactics. The challenge should not only focus on gaining followers but it also can build teamwork within the library staff in generating ideas and making the video.

4. Book Face Fridays

For those who are not aware what BookFace is, it is taking book covers and adding a human element to finish the book cover. This is something fun, light, and easy to do to keep the social media presence alive, upbeat, and unique.

5. Favorite Library Spots Contest

Create a photo contest challenging students to show off their favorite spot to study, hang out, or to maybe catch a few z’s in between classes and a short explanation why they love it. The students send their photos and explanations, without names, and the picture that gets the most “likes” earns a prize. It creates engagement and gives the chance for students to be heard!


This article was originally published on Snaps, Macs, and Actual Books. Used with permission.

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