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Three Digital Media Trends to Watch in 2017

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Here are three new digital media trends that are shaping the future


You may already be using automatic content recognition (ACR) and not even know it. Have you ever used an app to figure out the title and artist of a song you’re currently listening to? That’s ACR. Apps like Shazam and SoundHound are all about ACR. This kind of technology allows their apps to be able to give you as much information on the songs paying around you as possible. Amazon’s Echo is run on this same type of software, but that’s not all this technology can do.

TV’s that are enabled with ACR software can determine when a certain advertisement is played and if that ad generated any activity from the viewer afterword. All of the household devices must be linked to the same IP address in order to properly utilize this software. ACR then cross-references the devices and recognizes other behaviors such as a Google search on their phone or an actual purchase on their personal computer.


Social media apps are in constant competition with one another. Many have recently decided to include additional features that allow their programs to encompass everything a user could possibly want. For example, you may recall the uproar from social media users when Instagram updated their app and added a “Your Story” feature. Instagram now has the same resources as its competitor Snapchat. Even more recently, Facebook has caught on to this new element and now includes it as well.

Not to be outdone, Snapchat has begun to broaden its horizons as well. The social media platform now includes ads that help to bring in even more revenue. Although users were crying out against the Instagram and Facebook copycats, they don’t seem to be very perturbed about the Snapchat ads. This likely has to do with the fact that the ads never run more than a few seconds and can be skipped by merely tapping on the screen of your device.



Social media has been gaining so much more recognition as a way to effectively communicate with consumers. In an interview with Adweek.com, Kevin Gavin, Chief Marketing Officer of Five9, shared his predictions. Kevin believes that this will lead to an uprising trend of video customer service. This option will facilitate the need for convenience and a personal touch that many consumers seek.

By communicating face to face, users are able to establish a more solid connection to a brand. This connection also gives the consumer a stronger sense of satisfaction when they experience a positive interaction with a company. Kevin predicts that larger businesses who do not adapt to new forms of video communication will be left behind when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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