Thursday 23rd September 2021

Five Reasons to come to the IDS Social

The annual IDS Social will be held this Tuesday September 20th, at 7 pm in the ITTC lounge. Here are the top five reasons you should attend:

IDS Social poster

5. Meet and Talk with IDS Faculty

If you’re interested in finding out more about an IDS bundle or class – there’s no better person to ask than one of our friendly and helpful IDS faculty, many of whom will be at the social.

4. Hear About Cool Projects and Upcoming Events

Come find out what sweet hyped-up projects other IDS students and faculty have been working on. It might inspire you to start your own cool project! We’ll also let everyone know about some not-to-be-missed events that are coming up this year – you know, like LA Creative Director Mike Pasley‘s talk and creative workshop.

Mike Pasley Talk - Poster

You knew about this already, right?

3. Meet Other IDS Students and Chill to the IDS Collaborative Spotify Playlist!

To provide some music at our social we’ve created an collaborative playlist on Spotify. Click on the link and add your favorite tune to the playlist!

ids social collaborative playlist

If you have a Spotify account, please add songs to this playlist!

2. Get your IDS Bundle Buttons!

Whether you’re an IDS major or minor, you can represent your bundle(s) with style with the ultimate in IDS swag. There’s a button for every bundle!

ids buttons

1. Root Beer Floats

That’s right – root beer floats. Deal sealed.

Photo: Joyosity

Photo: Joyosity

While supplies last! See you next Tuesday!



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