Tuesday 27th September 2022

Starting a YouTube Channel (Part 1)

There are (as of September 2017) 30 million visitors of YouTube per day. Being an IDS student there’s an interest in video-making, that could easily be taken to the YouTube. So let’s dive right into starting a YouTube channel and go over some important things you should know.



Keep in mind who you want as your target audience. Do you want to appeal to teenagers or adults? Do you want everyone to be able to enjoy your content? Make your videos centered around what you enjoy and what your target audience might enjoy as well. It never hurts to try out different content once you’ve started, but if you’re inconsistent then your viewers might leave for someone with content they enjoy more than yours.


Make a schedule for yourself. There’s nothing that will drive potential viewers away more than a dry period between videos. Decide when you’re starting if you want to upload videos every day, a few times a week, once a week, or even once a month. Consistency will make your content seem more accessible to viewers, knowing that a new video will be coming at a certain point. Some viewers will even be anticipating a new upload and watch it immediately as it comes out, making the video show more on other viewers feeds, which in turn creates a snowball effect for more viewers.


If your content requires you to film yourself or anything else with a camera using a webcam is not a good idea. The video as well as the audio quality of web cameras are abysmal at best. Take some time and try to find a good quality camera, a good quality camera can be as cheap at $20; if you have enough money to use, try upping your content so it is more visually appealing for your viewers. If possible consider using a tripod as well to stabilize the camera to reduce shakiness in your videos as well. Microphones all have varied quality and all work and record content differently. A standard quality microphone can run anywhere from $30~$60, if considering a premium quality microphone a great microphone is the Yeti microphone, usually it can be found for around $120.


If doing reviews of a topic try to stay on topic and stay up to date with your information. Viewers are very likely to click away from a video if the information in the video is outdated. If you’re going to pick a longer topic for your video instead of doing a super long video try to cut it into portions or parts. If enough viewers enjoyed the first video then you’re almost guaranteed views on the second video.


Always ask the audience for feedback. If you are going to create content for your fans then what could possibly be more helpful than reading what people watching the videos you create are saying. Put a small message at the end asking people still watching the video to comment down below the video.

Bonus tip!     

Approximately 20% of viewers who click on your video will leave after the first ten seconds. Make the intro to your videos catch the audience’s attention, if you can manage to get past those first ten seconds you have a good chance of someone viewing the rest of your content. Make the start count.

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