Who I Am

Hello! My name is Hannah Tooley and I am a junior at the University of Northern Iowa. My major is in Interactive Digital Studies with concentrations in Learning and Advertising. I have always been an enthusiastic learner and a big fan of technology. I hope to combine these two passions into a future career as an Instructional Designer.

Why I Am Going to Be an Instructional Designer

Because I believe my love of learning has contributed to my own success in school, I want to use my career to help spark that same desire to learn in others. In my job, I hope to use my creative skills and knowledge to build exciting learning experiences for students using the latest technologies. As part of a generation of students that has grown up online, I’m sure that the use of high-tech tools will only continue to grow into bigger part of our school lives and I want to help build that new world.

What I Hope to Achieve Through Teaching

Having high quality and engaging materials can help make learning fun and more successful for today’s students, who have more distractions than ever competing for their attention. I want students to be able to enter school excited to learn, and to leave school just as excited by their experiences there. I hope I can add to this vision by making multimedia content that is not only fun, but secretly educational.