You’ve been kidnapped and trapped in a locked room with no escape, and you’re forced…. to make chicken?

This is how the famous fast-food restaurant, KFC, has decided to train their new employees. Fortunately, the new recruits get to experience this all through a virtual reality headset rather than real life. Check it out for yourself down below!

As you can tell, this certainly isn’t the most conventional training video, but it shows exactly what eLearning courses often lack– a sense of humor. Although bizarre and somewhat frightening, it’s exactly on brand for a company that once produced a Colonel Sanders Romance novel. Every moment takes a surprising twist- from lazers shooting out of Colonel Sanders eyes, to clapping robots, and chicken-eating doorways. It really turns the somewhat mundane task of making chicken into a fun and entertaining experience. Plus, it’s obviously meant to teach you important steps about KFC’s standards, such as inspecting each piece of chicken and placing it in a specific spot on the rack before frying.

Still, there are some parts that could be improved. For one, what happened to hygiene standards? Hand-washing anyone? This is obviously incomplete program, but I think it still proves the awesome possibilities for future VR training programs.

Let me know what you think! Are there any other breakthroughs in VR training you’d like to share?

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