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3 Technologies That Will Change the Future of Instructional Design

What does the future of instructional design hold? These three technologies are just a few of the many innovations that will change the face of eLearning in ways we have yet to fully understand. Today, let’s examine the progress these… Continue Reading →

3 Games that Made Me Passionate about Gamification

Since my school is on Spring Break right now, I’m not feeling particularly serious today. So, I thought I’d take a break from my rants about instructional design jargon and do something a bit more fun today. One thing I… Continue Reading →

KFC’s Terrifyingly-Brilliant VR Training Video

You’ve been kidnapped and trapped in a locked room with no escape, and you’re forced…. to make chicken? This is how the famous fast-food restaurant, KFC, has decided to train their new employees. Fortunately, the new recruits get to experience… Continue Reading →

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