International Women’s Day 2017 – My Favorite Women in the Media

In honor of International Women’s Day, I’m sharing three of my favorite women in the media today. Check them out using social media in a positive way — supporting causes greater than themselves, empowering women,  and striving for equality.

Emma Watson – commonly known for her roles as “Hermione Granger” in the Harry Potter films and “Belle” in the new Beauty and the Beast movie, a HUGE activist for equality, women’s rights, and feminism. She is an ambassador for UN Women fighting for gender equality and women’s empowerment.  At age 26, Emma Watson is an outstanding role model and one of my favorite women in the media. I fell in love with her as Hermione and she still continues to amaze me. Here’s a video that I came across today -please watch, enjoy, and reflective. If you’re interested in learning more about Emma or want to hear what she has to say I strongly encourage you to follow her Twitter account.  @EmmaWatson

Sophia Bush – commonly known for her roles as “Brooke Davis” in the hit series One Tree Hill and “Detective Lindsay” in Chicago P.D., she’s also a spokesperson and activist. My favorite thing about Sophia is her #MondayMantra that she features on her Instagram account. I was first introduced to Sophia on One Tree Hill and being the social media fiend I am, I followed her on Instagram. She shares so much love and inspiration, if you don’t follow her, I highly suggest checking her out.  @SophiaBush

Chelsea Handler – a comedian, author, television host, actress, and activist. I was introduced to Chelsea on her hit E! series, Chelsea Lately. Since then, she has been one of my favorite comedians. She is another one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow because she combines humor and activism. A bit unorthodox, but continuously hilarious, you’ll find her posting pictures of her bare ass or her breasts or making fun of different celebrities and coworkers. She takes serious issues and puts a fun spin on them. @ChelseaHandler


In 2017, I aspire to be more like these incredible women. Happy International Women’s Day. <3

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