Black Panther

Comic Origin

The first black superhero to enter the Marvel universe and American mainstream comic world in general, is Black Panther. The African Nation of Wakanda is were the Black Panther story originates.  T’Challa is the main Black Panther to be featured in the comics. T’Challa’s father, and ancestors before him, were the chiefs of the Panther Tribes. They also passed down the title of Black Panther through generations, but one must earn the title as well. Captain America and Fantastic Four comics featured Black Panther, before earning it’s own solo comic series. In the early development of the series, a meteorite with large amounts of vibranium crashed into Wakanda. Vibranium is the substance that makes up Captain America’s shield. This would later become a material used in the making of the Black Panther suit.

Villains featured in the series consist of Achebe, Erik Killmonger, Ulysses Klaw and many others. Ulysses Klaw killed T’Challa’s father, making him his biggest enemy. One of the more important relationships Black Panther made was with Storm from X-Men. She was an orphan when they met and they fell in love. They later married and she became the Queen of Wakanda. Complications arose when she needed to return to New York to assist the X-Men.


Now to get to the real bread and butter of the post: Black Panther, the movie. What we know so far is that it takes place directly after Captain America: Civil War. T’Challa will return back to Wakanda to take his rightful place as king after his father died. He is then tested by an old enemy Erik Killmonger, Michael B. Jordan, who threatens the existence of Wakanda and his role as Black Panther.


With this all-star cast, this movie is bound to have great box office sales. The explanations of the characters are from comic origin. The details of these roles may be different in the film.

Chadwick Boseman- T’Challa/Black Panther (is the main character)

Michael B. Jordan- Erik Killmonger (is the main villain)

Lupita Nyong’o- Nakia (chosen to train to be a possible wife to the King of Wakanda, also apart of the Personal Guard to the King)

Danai Gurira- Okoye (also chosen to train to be a possible wife of T’Challa)

Martin Freeman-Everett Ross (featured in Captain America: Civil War as an ally for the Avengers and Black Panther)

Daniel Kaluuya- W’Kabi (second in command to T’Challa)

Angela Bassett- Ramonda (T’Challa’s mother)

Forrest Whittaker- Zuri (warrior and friend to T’Chaka, T’Challa’s father)

Andy Serkis- Ulysses Klaw (featured in Captain America: Civil War, kills T’Challa’s father in comics)

and many others!

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