The Best Meat In Southeast Iowa

Arguable? Please enlighten me!!!!!


A night in or a night out (at Chommy’s) could be the best night of your life if you choose to have a sirloin for two or three or four…..


←Fresh Cut Chuck Roast for your fall dinners



Okay my mouth is watering…BEEF BRISKET↓13921046_556879817843437_9199709277150624164_n1


Country Style Pork Ribs with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce might be one of the most delicious meals…especially for a nice evening on the deck…guess what!!!!! MOORE’S GROCERY can supply this delicious meal for you!

Sunday mornings are made for steak and eggs!

13177800_524537371077682_9012072373981928439_n1personally living in the Moore household isn’t too shabby”

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Who’s the man? Rob’s the Man! He’s done it all, for YOU!

REMEMBER: It’s always a good meal with meat from Moore’s Grocery.