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Growth on a Budget

Hey Queens! On my last blog  post, 6 NATURAL HAIR BLOGS YOU MUST KNOW I told you all some of my favorite natural hair bloggers. I also told you on my last products blog post, NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS FOR YOU) some of my favorite natural hair products. If you missed those two post go check them out after you are done reading /watching this one. 🙂 I want to make sure for those of you  just starting your natural hair journey have the right information.


Below I have included some very insightful videos on CHEAP, INEXPENSIVE natural hair products from some of my favorite youtube channels. Check them out!



I hoped you enjoyed, Queens!

One thought on “Affordable Natural Hair Products-Video Blog

  1. The Queen says:

    One cheap product that I live by is Hello Hydration conditioner from Herbal Essence. I used it to condition and detangle my hair while in the shower. It’s amazing and smells really good too!

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