All Things S-Z-A

All Things S-Z-A

“I wanna take all of my hair down and let you lay in it”. If you all are crazy SZA fans like I am you know those lyrics above are from her song “Pretty Little Birds”. Not only is she a great artist but her HAIR is everything. Her big curls fill the frame of her overall appearance. Her hair is a movement within itself. SZA’s creative style is a dream come true.  Her boldness and versatility inspires women with natural hair to take risk. Here are some of my personal favorite SZA looks.


The curls and volume. Sis is working it. The Bigger the better as you can see!

SZA out her looking like a Fulani Princess. Rocking a traditional African braiding style.

The color pop! Her big and gorgeous orange hair is just breathe taking.

Now this photo and style is one of my personal favorites. The celestial styling look is giving me and others life. Also peep the traditional African face paint. She is taking us back to the motherland.

The AFRO!!!! The bold and bright fro is turning heads. Only SZA could pull this off. She really is a true Queen.

Here is SZA with shorter hair and she is still gorgeous. The definition of short and sweet.

She switches it up on us again with the bangs.  This is just natural glory.

Sis is taking us back to when we used to rock pigtails, keeping them loose and thick.

Is that blonde? Yes she can do it all. Peep the effortless volume of her curls.

Most of all, her  hair is beautiful and is part of her identity and personality. Since she considers herself a tomboy, her hair is were most of her femininity comes from. I love SZA and her hair because it is what makes her the amazing individual she is. She is bold, strong, inspiring, caring, talented and carefree. All of those characteristics is why she is one of my favorite artist and naturalist.

All photos can be found at SZA.




One thought on “All Things S-Z-A

  1. MBeezy says:

    I enjoyed this blog post a lot! SZA is an outstanding artist. She’s an inspiration to African Americans in a vast majority of ways. Her hair speaks volume to who she is, and the various risk she’s willing to take. It’s both bold and innovative, as many people are not willing to take these risk, not only with hair but in life. SZA’s hair is a testament to many parts of life! Amazing post here!

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