Minor Natural Hair Care Tips

Everyone’s  natural hair journey is different but all share similar routines throughout the journey. Natural hair can be challenging at times especially if you do not know the do’s and don’t. Having the correct knowledge about natural hair care will make the process a little bit easier. Here are a few minor hair care tips.


  • Eat right! Eating a well balanced diet will help with your body but also your hair. Fruits, vegetables, and protein will help your hair grow long and healthy.
  • You must keep your hair hydrated.
  • Keep your hair moisturized. Start with liquid such as water, then seal with oils and creme.
  • Keep the ends of your hair protected. You can wear styles like twist, buns, braids, etc.
  • Have a regular wash day routines. Buildup products can lead to dryness and breakage.


  • Apply a lot of heat to your hair. It can lead to split ends, dryness, breakage, and alteration of curl patterns.
  • Over comb or brush your hair. Brushing can rip and tear your hair apart. Try finger combing instead.
  • Go to bed without protecting your hair. Protect your hair with a silk bonnet or scarf. It will help prevent breakage.
  • Over manipulate your hair. Try to stay away from styles that require daily styling, combing, brushing, etc. You do not want to put t much stress on your hair.
  • Go without trimming your hair. Trim your hair on an as needed basis. Trimming help grow your hair. Trim hair grows healthier.

Black hair is the most fragile out of all hair types. This is why many women of color have hair growth issues. We must treat our hair differently than other hair types. You want to keep your hair balanced with protein and moisturizers.

Ways to Keep Your Hair Moisturized

  1. A true moisturizer will have water listed as one of the first two ingredients
  2. Adding thick natural oil like castor oil and avocado on top of your moisturizer will seal in the moisture
  3. Create a daily moisturizing spritz with distilled water, aloe vera juice,  your favorite natural oil and glycerin
  4. Moisturize  your afro at night with water and light conditioner and sleep in a plastic cap
  5. Try to keep your hands out of your hair. Touching your hair often will dry it out faster
  6. Give your hair a steam treatment. Steaming opens the cuticle and hydrates the hair.
  7. Last but not least cover your hair at night with a satin bonnet or scarf.


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