6 Pro-TECT-tive Stylez

Pro-TECT-tive Stylez

Okay! Being a natural haired girl one of my favorite things about being natural is the versatility of our hair. Being natural you can do so much with your hair. Out of all the hairstyle I can choose from my favorite are protective styles because they are cute but also helps with hair growth.  Here are some of my favorite protective styles for all my naturalistas out there.

Box Braids

Box braids protects your hair from heat and breakage for up to 3 months and you can style them many different ways. Just remember to oil your scalp on the regular.

Crochet Braids/styles

Crochet styles have your hair cornrowed underneath the style you have chosen. The cornrows protect your hair from being exposed, pulled on, and broken off. There are so many crochet style I can not even keep count.


Sew ins are great for hair growth. Closures are even better and keep you from putting a lot of heat onto your natural hair.

Custom Wigs

Wig are the perfect look for a quick and cute style.


Two strand twist are the best.  Once you have added some time onto your natural hair journey you can start twisting and braid it!

The AFro

Moisturize your hair daily with this style. Pick it out and go! There’s nothing to it.

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