Why Do You Love Your Natural Hair?

I can remember when I first did my big chop and immediately hating my it. I was so frustrated with my hair  I didn’t even want to deal with it anymore. I mentioned some of the reason why in The Natural Head Aquarius. I also remember the first time I seen growth and started loving  my hair. I love how big it was. I loved the kinky curls. I loved how soft it was. I love the texture. I was finally happy with being a natural hair queen. This blog post will consist of personal testimonials from some of my favorite natural hair queens and kings. Here are some reasons why you should love your natural hair!

Tydel Jones Loves her Natural Hair because..

My natural hair saves me time. I’m so lazy when it comes to styling my hair. Being able to wake up, add maybe a product or two, and walk out the door is great.
It connects me with other black women; learning and sharing natural hair journeys, tips, etc. One word, LIBERATING, I feel like a new me rocking my natural hair. It motivates me to be fearless, proud of who I am, and reject racist beauty ideals.
My natural hair DOPE . I always get compliments, and asked what products I use.
It’s another way to show how my Black is Beautiful.

Mahlia Brown Loves her Natural Hair because..

It makes me ME.  It is a reminder of my culture and heritage. It can be and do ANYTHING.  Its is thick and full of life, like me. Lastly,  it reminds me that if I take good care of things, they thrive and shine.

Melody Majeed Loves her Natural Hair because..

I love natural hair because it sets me apart from others . I love it because I can style it to wear it fits me. It allows me to express my culture with my hair . I love it because of the different curl patterns, textures, and versatility.

Katia Alford Loves her Natural Hair because..

The way I can wear. It is versatile whether it is straight, curly or in an afro. They way my hair curls when it is wet. It gives me signs when it’s not healthy. All my natural hair products make it smell so good. And because it gives me identity to my culture and doesn’t have to appropriate the “norm”.

Niria White Loves her Natural Hair because..

I have endless options for styles, I feel proud when I wear it, it keeps the haters away, I be looking bomb, and it’s been a amazing journey.

Yakira Sanders Loves her Natural Hair because..

I love my natural hair because it makes me different. I love my natural hair because I can change it into multiple hair styles. I love my natural hair because I can go days, sometimes even weeks without washing it and still look good.  I love my natural hair because I inspire other girls to embrace their natural hair. I love my natural hair because it gives me confidence. When my hair is cute you can’t tell me ANYTHING.

Dejah Covington Loves her Natural Hair because..

It’s big,  bold, different, soft, and it makes me feel free!

sashay Caroll Loves her Natural Hair because..

 I love my natural hair because it goes against societal standards of beauty. Love my natural hair because it very versatile .I love my curls because they get a lot of positive attention and I get my pattern from my mother. I love my natural hair because it portrays my culture .

Anye Bell Loves her Natural Hair because..

It’s Healthy, Versatile, and always changing.  It helped me love myself more and  I feel powerful when I wear it out.

Deveione Campbell Loves His Natural Hair BECAUSE..

It is strong , healthy , curly, copied, and beautiful .

Montesha Carter Loves her Natural Hair because..

I love my natural hair because of curls.  It allows me to express myself with certain hairstyles I choose. My hair is a lot healthier than when I had a relaxer. It’s versatile, I can do many things with it. Being natural has boosted my confidence because I used to be scared to wear my real hair out.

Reginald Torian Iii Loves His Natural Hair BECAUSE.

In middle school my two choices were to cut all my hair off, or get dreads, and I wasn’t about to lose what made me, me. Even though locs are popular now, I still feel as though it makes me different. There’s no one else like me. This hair is not easy to keep up with. Even most that have dreads don’t have them as long as mine.  My hair fits my personality. Ask anybody and they’ll tell you that I don’t really fit the norm for my “archetype”. Certain hairstyles never fit me either. I’ve had a fro, I’ve had waves, and I never felt right about any of it. My dreads, however, are as much of my identity as my voice. It helps that girls love my hair. I don’t what it is, something about a guy with long hair that girls like.

Of course I get the other side too. Me having longer hair frustrates some girls. Trust me, I get it, I grew up in a female household. I’ve seen the trials and tribulations. I still get dirty looks from my cousins. But overall I receive a lot of love for my hair.  Most importantly, my hair is my confidence. One of the downsides of having a braid in my head since I could barely walk is that it creates some awkward hair situations that I would get clowned for. It’s not fun being an insecure kid. I found a way to turn that insecurity into something that gives me my biggest confidence boost. My weakness is now my strength. Something everyone should be trying to do with themselves. I’m happy for what I have on my head, which is not something I could have said 8 years ago.

Thank you!

Thanks to all of these beautiful people!

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