For this post, I chose to interview 149-pound red shirt freshman Derek Holschlag. He comes to UNI by way of Union High school, where he was a three-time state place winner. He is the younger brother of UNI’s red shirt junior 197-pounder, Jacob Holschlag. His younger sister, Kaitlin, runs track and field at Grand View University. Derek has wrestled for 15 years and has had a very successful career, which earned him a spot aboard the Panther Train.

Before UNI

Q: Who got you into wrestling?

A: My mom. My sister, Kaitlin, and I had so much energy as little kids, so my mom put me in wrestling. It helped her to have sometime to relax, and it stopped me from bothering my sister. Also, Jacob had already been wrestling for a year.

Q: What are the main reasons you came to UNI?

A: UNI has a great family atmosphere. We are a team of brothers, and our coaches really help create that kind of setting. Also our team is on the rise. We all know it, and we are close to breaking out.

Time at UNI

Q: What is your major?

A: Right now I am majoring in construction management.

Q: How important is the UNI wrestling community? What is your favorite part about the fan base?

A: I really love how we have so many fans even though we are a smaller Division I school. They always pack West Gym, making it loud and rowdy. They really get me excited to have a chance to compete, and that is my favorite part about the fans.

Q: What is it like being on the same team as your older brother Jacob? What is the best part about being on the same team?

A: Being on the same team is a great experience. Jacob is a great role model as a wrestler and a person. I really admire his work ethic and how it pushes me to work hard as well. The best part about us being on the same team is that it is easier on our mom to see us. Since we are only 30 minutes from La Porte City, it is really convenient to be able to see each other anytime we want.

Q: What is your favorite memory of UNI wrestling so far?

A: My favorite memory was last season’s Big 12 conference. The atmosphere of the whole tournament was electric. Our fans showed up ready to get loud and helped make the whole thing so incredible.

Career and Life Goals

Q: After you graduate from UNI what do you see yourself doing?

A: I plan on still wrestling after my college career ends. I also look to work for a construction firm and possibly have a firm of my own eventually. I feel like that is what I want to do most right now.

Q: What do you picture your family looking like in the future?

A: I know I want to have a family some day. I am not sure when that will be, so as of right now I am just waiting until I know I found the right one.

Extra Questions

Q: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned from wrestling? How have you used it outside of wrestling?

A: The most valuable lesson I have learned is “Never give up.” It can be applied to everything in life, whether it be school, in a career, as a father or any other situation.

Q: Would you choose to fight 10 coach Doug Schwab’s who were a foot tall and with a 10th of his strength each, or would you fight just one 10-foot tall Schwab with double his strength?

A: Definitely the 10 one-foot tall Doug’s. He is already strong as heck, so I would not want to see what it would be like if you doubled his strength.


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