Izaak Shedenhelm, a redshirt sophomore wrestling at 197 pounds, has taken a rather peculiar route to become part of the UNI wrestling team. Izaak has wrestled for roughly 16 years, but there have been some twists and turns along his journey that strongly impacted his life by taking him down some less-traveled roads. At Denver High School, Izaak became a two-time state placer, earning one state title his senior year. Shedenhelm also was a part of Denver’s football team playing on both ends of the ball as a running back and defensive end. Izaak has two older brothers; Chase, who also wrestled at UNI, and Blaze.

Before UNI

Q: Who introduced to wrestling?

A: Mainly my dad. Really wrestling just ran in the family. My dad coached wrestling for a while. He also wrestled at UNI with my uncle. As you know, Chase wrestled too.

Q: What was the wrestling community like when you wrestled for Denver?

A: You could tell wrestling was a pretty big deal to most people in Denver. You could always count on the wrestling to show up and cheer us on at dual and even the state tournament.

Time at UNI

Q: What are you majoring in at UNI?

A: Currently, I am studying physical education.

Q: When you first came to UNI were you part of the wrestling team?

A: I was not actually. For part of my first semester in my freshman year at UNI, I was a part of the golf team. My goal at that time was to do big things in golf and make my way onto the tour.

Q: What made you come back to wrestling?

A: Wrestling had been such a huge part of my life for so long, so I kind of felt lost without it, and I wanted to compete. I knew deep down something was telling me I needed to get the boots back on and get on the mat.

Q: What did you need to do to get on the team?

A: I remember I talked to Coach Schwab and he said to come to team lifts with the other freshmen at 5:30 in the morning. I had to work hard to earn a spot on the team.

Q: What do you like most about wrestling for UNI?

A: I have had so many opportunities to meet such great people, teammates and fans. I have met multiple wrestling alumni and got to hear their stories and wisdom. Everyone knows it is a family environment and you can see by how much people care, because they come and support us in crowds.

Career and Life Goals

Q: What career do you see yourself in when you are out of college?

A: I see myself being a physical education teacher and coaching. I want to help kids to grow as people. My dad has had a pretty big impact on me in my life, and I’m going to follow in his footsteps into being a P.E. teacher.

Q: Do you see yourself raising a family some day? Why is that something you would be interested in?

A: Raising a family is something that would be big part of my life and something I look forward to doing. I’d like to have kids some day and raise a good family and teach them the way of living and to have fun while doing it.

Extra Questions

Q:What else do you like to do beside wrestling?

A: I would say I am an outdoors man. So anything being away and out in the wild is a thrill. If I had to choose my favorite activity outdoors, it would be hunting, hands down.

Q: Why do you like the hunting so much?

A: Hunting is a challenge  that requires patience, and it forces you to create a strategy. Hunting requires a lot of planning as well. You’re always learning about the environment every time you go out. I enjoy just being out there. I don’t even have to see anything to have a good time. Hunting is peaceful to me. It’s just you and your thoughts in the wild. I’ve made a lot of memories hunting in my lifetime.  


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