Kyle Biscoglia is in his true freshman season with the Panther wrestling team. Coming to Cedar Falls by way of Waukee High School in Iowa, Kyle brings a very impressive list of credentials from his time as a Warrior. As a prep, Kyle stood at the top of the podium three times at the Iowa state wrestling tournament. Biscoglia brings an interesting Panther Perspective from one of the more cerebral individuals in his class and gives us an insight of what it is like being a first-year student-athlete. Kyle has two younger sisters, Kelly, who is a junior at Waukee, and Katie, who is in the fifth grade.

Before UNI

Q: Why did you choose to attend UNI?

A: I fell in love with the atmosphere. The team was a lot closer than teammates. They were more like brothers. I had a similar relationship with my team in high school. An atmosphere like this is imperative to grow as a wrestler, because it is a more enjoyable time. I chose UNI, because I wanted my five years of wrestling to add to my college experience. Also it helps to be close to home to visit my family.

Q: Besides wrestling what else did you do during your time in high school?

A: I spent my team volunteering at Mercy Hospital. I also volunteered at my church back home – St. Boniface.

Q: Who got you into wrestling?

A: Well I started wrestling in the first grade. Before wrestling I played soccer. One of my best friends from soccer was also a wrestler. I tagged along with him to one practice, and after that I asked my dad I could keep going to wrestle. Also my dad wrestled in college, but as a kid he never really introduced me to the sport.

Time at UNI

Q: What is your major?

A: Currently, I am only majoring in biology. Soon I will add bio-chem to double major.

Q: What do you look forward to most in school?

A: I like that in my classes I am pushed but I am able to still succeed. I feel rewarded when I put in work studying, and I get a good grade in return. To me, school parallels wrestling, because the work that goes in may not always be the most exciting. However, having your hand raised or a getting good score on a test is always a great feeling..

Q: What do you look forward to most in your first season wrestling at UNI?

A: I am focusing on growth in my first season and not results. If I can come out better technically on top, bottom and neutral, then that would be a very successful season. In my opinion no one, especially redshirts, should focus on results and records. After your five years are up, no one will assume what kind of person you are from your record.

Q: What have you been most impressed by since you came to UNI?

A: I am impressed by our coaches’ willingness to meet with us for anything. From what I have seen, they are not just wrestling coaches, but I would describe them more like a older sibling or parent. We can talk to them about anything really. If I could us a wrestling analogy, I would say they are not only in our corner for wrestling, but for school and life as well.

Q: What has been the biggest difference between high school and college wrestling?

A: The main difference between high school and college wrestling has been the practices. There is definitely more intensity when you step in the room at this level. We are expected to put forth our highest level of work every practice, every day. It’s important to understand that that is what it takes to be the best.

Q: How do you balance the demands of being a wrestler, college student, and maintaining a social life?

A: To be honest I thought it would be a lot harder to balance athletics and academics. But I found a helpful way to do this is spend as much time studying as you do practicing. Doing this has made me more efficient in most of what I do. Also, in terms of my social life, the people I spend time with I see at practice or when we all have a study session together. Overall, I would say my social life is intertwined with wrestling and school.

Career and Life Goals

Q: What career do you want to pursue?

A: The plan is to attend medical school, but I haven’t exactly decided on what position in the field I want to commit to yet. I do have an interest in anesthesiology, as I was able to shadow an anesthesiologist at a hospital I volunteered at.

Q: Why does a career in the medical field interest you?

A: There are really two reasons I want to do something in the medical field. First is that I have volunteered at a hospital and my church back home. These experiences allowed me to help others, which makes me feel fulfilled. The second reason is that I have an interest in the human body. It is mind blowing to think of all the small things that we don’t even know are happening inside of us, allow us to do so many things like even being able to have this interview.

Q: What do you do at UNI or in your free time to grow toward your goals?

A: At UNI I am involved with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, which is a voice for all of the student-athletes. Also I am a member of the Pre-Med club. These two groups help me create connections with people with similar career and life goals as me. I know this is extremely helpful, because it is easier to reach a goal with a group of people with the same passion.

Q: How would you like to see your time at UNI shape and prepare you for the rest of your life?

A: I hope that my time at UNI allows me to become a good man in all aspects of  life. The most important thing is I want is to lead a good life, physically, socially and spiritually. Hopefully, I will find a set of beliefs that will guide me on right path in life that will help create relationships that will last for a lifetime. If I can do this, I can say I had a successful college experience. And winning a couple of NCAA titles would be nice too. 

Extra Questions

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: Not much really. You can usually find me studying or wrestling.

Q: What tips do you have on cutting weight?

A: I have found that what really makes weight cutting hard is the extra snacks here and there add up quickly. My rule is that once I have eaten dinner and it is past 9 p.m. at night, I don’t eat anymore. That rule seems to work pretty well.

Q: Now that we just got done talking about weight-cutting it seems fitting that we talk about your favorite food right?

A: For sure. My favorite food, hands down, is sushi. Not only is it good, but I have always had great memories with it. Usually my family and I eat it to celebrate accomplishments, birthdays or stuff like that.

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