First of all, I would like to thank you for taking a look at my blog: Panther Perspective.

I created this blog as a class project in my Digital Advertising course at the University of

Northern Iowa. I chose to create this blog because it relates to my “personal brand statement”. For this class project this was our “first step”.

My personal brand statement: “I am a perspective Athletic Marketer who is interested in UNI Wrestling because I am passionate in gaining awareness for UNI as it will help towards my dream job of working at UNI in the Athletic Marketing Department.”

I chose to format my blog as a Question and Answer between me and members of our team so that I can be able to pick their brains, and find out some really interesting information about them that most people don’t know. My goal is to get you and the rest of the wrestling community closer with the members of UNI wrestling. Hopefully, after taking a look at this blog, you can say you are closer with the Panther Family.


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