Student Life

.ids-related speakers are invited every semester to highlight the latest trends in digital communication, inspire us about our own futures, and get us talking across disciplines. There are also options for weekend workshops to maximize our (faculty and students) “digility,” and resumé-building opportunities through .ids-related student organizations like The Digital Collective, American Advertising Federation (AAF-UNI), and Cedar River Productions.

Most of the core classes are taught in the fantastic ITTC Studio spaces, where you’ll have access to all the software necessary.

Also, there are a number of study abroad opportunities that allow you to study in Florence (for example) and transfer courses back to UNI. Here is a blog post with more information and photos about the Florence program (DIVA) and the beautiful study environment in one of the world's favorite Italian cities. For even more information, visit the Digital Imaging and Visual Arts program at the Palazzi Florence Association for International Education, and set up an appointment with our Study Abroad Office at UNI.