Hello friends, my name is Cuong Minh Pham, but I normally go by MC. I am an international student from Vietnam, a S-shaped beautiful South East Asia country. From what you have known about me, you might say: “Oh, that is why he wrote about Vietnamese Cuisine!” Well, that is partly right, but not all of it. Let me tell you why I am so in love with Vietnamese food and why you about to love it too. 🙂


Personally, I enjoy cooking and trying different dishes from different countries, and honestly, who does not love having great food? For me, cooking is my stress reliever, and having good food makes me happy. Every time I have chance to travel around, the first thing that I think of is looking for the best place to try the signature dishes of that city or countries. In my opinion, food is the bridge connect different cultures, not language, or like my girlfriend (Yes, I have a girlfriend) always says: “Food is where the heart is.”

I have tried many dishes from different countries like China, France, India, Italy, etc. Every country cuisine has their own uniqueness, but nothing is similar to Vietnamese Cuisine. For centuries, Vietnamese cuisine has been influenced by Chinese and Indian cooking, yet it retains its own distinctiveness. Vietnamese food is not as oily as Chinese food, and also is not as strongly spicy as Indian food. Vietnamese cuisine is the beautiful combination of freshness, healthiness, and delightful. It is the harmonious mixture of flavors, colors, and textures.

Of course, I am just a student, who does not know first thing about culinary. I do not have enough words to describe how incredible Vietnamese Cuisine is, so why don’t you just click here to hear it from the world-reknowned culinary experts. I will end this post here and see you all in the next posts!




Why I love Vietnamese cuisine?

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