If you paid attention to the life of our president, you must have watched the YouTube video (If not, click here) about President Obama casually enjoys Vietnamese grilled pork with vermicelli noodle or Bun Cha (in local language) at a local restaurant in Hanoi during his three-day visit of Vietnam in May, 2016, and guess what, he ABSOLUTELY love it. These are  Mr. President’s own words about the dish: “This is killer! This is outstanding! It’s really good!”

As a big fan of Vietnamese food, I am not surprised about his reaction, because Bun Cha is one of the most popular dishes on the streets of Vietnam. For those of you who don’t know about Buncha, this is how it looks like.


It looks absolutely gorgeous, doesn’t it?

You might wonder why I chose Bun Cha to be the first dish that I write about in my blog. First of all, it is the best. Second of all,  I can proudly announce that Bun Cha is originated in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, my hometown. 😀

Why is it called Bun Cha?

In Vietnamese, Bun means vermicelli noodle, and Cha means grilled pork. So, Bun Cha simply equals grilled pork with vermicelli noodle. There are 2 types of Cha that you should see in a dish of Bun Cha. The first type is grilled fatty pork belly, and the other one is grilled pork meat ball.

How is Bun Cha served?

Bun Cha, Vietnamese grilled pork with vermicelli, is usually served at lunch time with a main dish and 2 side dishes. The main dish is grilled pork dipped in a bowl of Vietnamese sweet and sour fish sauce with sliced pickled green papaya and carrot.  The 2 sides are vermicelli noodle and different types of vegetable. Since  Bun Cha is a hot dish, Vietnamese people normally have it with a cold bottle of beer (Yes, we drink at lunch). The sweetness and sourness from the sauce mixes really well with the spiciness and the smell of charcoal from the grilled pork. The hotness of the dish, the coldness of the beer, and the freshness of the vegetable make Bun Cha become an incredibly amazing dish on a hot summer day.


It’s not so hard to make Bun Cha at home. I have been researching for the best and doable recipe, and this one should be it. Try the recipe and let me know what you think about the dish!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

President Obama’s favorite, Vietnamese grilled pork with vermicelli

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  1. Reading this post is making me hungry for bun cha, excellent description of the dish, thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely have to try this sometime!

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