The winter is near, and what is the better way to enjoy a freezing winter night than having a hot spot dinner with your loved ones after a long tired day. Hot spot is one of the fastest and healthiest way to enjoy fresh food. In this post, I will introduce you to different types of Vietnamese hot pot and some simple recipes to try them at home.

What is hot pot?

Hot pot is an unique Vietnamese cooking style transferred from China thousand years ago. Though the cooking style is similar to Chinese style, Vietnamese hot pot is much lighter in term of tastes and types of dipping sauce. This cooking style allow you to make your food right at the table. Basically, to have a hot pot, all you need are a pot of simmering broth in the middle and prepped ingredient dishes on the side. The broth can be made from chicken, beef, pork bones or from sea food. The side  normally include thinly sliced raw meat (to cook them faster) and different types of vegetable, both need to be cleaned and nicely prepared. The broth must always be simmering and kept at certain temperature in order to cook the raw ingredients properly. That’s the reason why the pot is always being heated by a  small burner underneath it. Cooked food will be served with different types of dipping sauces such as garlic soy sauce, fish sauce, or Vietnamese salt and lime sauce. Vietnamese hot pot will definitely bring the best cooking experience while enjoy fresh food.


Note: Fun thing about hot pot is you can match any types of side dish with any types of broth based on your personal preference!

Popular types of Vietnamese hot pots

  • Chicken and mushroom hot pot

Recipe: Click here


  • Seafood hot pot

Recipe: Click here


  • Spicy shrimp hot pot

Recipe: Click here


  • Mixed hot pot (Your Style)

Recipe: Click here


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Vietnamese Hot Pot

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