Most of people know about Vietnamese Cuisine by its signature dishes, Pho or Banhmi, and its elegant, light, and healthy cooking style, but Vietnamese cuisine is way more than that. In the last couple of my blog posts, I have constant been showing you the best Vietnamese dishes, but today, I am going to do something completely different. I am going to introduce you to some of the weirdest Vietnamese foods and drinks those you might have never heard of, so if you are an exotic food fan, this blog post is for you.

Note: There will be no recipe.

Snake and Scorpion Wines

These are white wines dipped with poisonous cobra snakes and scorpions. The poison is taken care of by the alcohol content of the liquor. These kinds of wine are stated to be good for men because they help to support heath, cure diseases, and enhance sexual abilities.


Weasel-Dung Coffee

This coffee is made out of the dung of weasels, which eat coffee beans and give out great local coffee material. This coffee is surprisingly high quality thanks to the ripen coffee beans the animals chose to eat. Since those coffee beans have been through the weasel’s digesting system, they are flavorful in a special way.


Duck Embryo

This is also known as half-hatched duck egg. What makes this weird is that when you are having it, you can actually see the baby duck. Even though, this dish has proven to be very nutritious. Duck Embryo is served with fresh herbs, ginger, salt, pepper, and lime juice.


Exotic types meat

Vietnam has 54 different ethnics. Each ethnic has its own culture and its own styles of cuisine, so Vietnamese meat range do not stop at normal daily options like pork, chicken, beef. In many parts of the country, people eat different types of exotic meat like dog, cat, rat, or snake


Raw Duck Blood Soup

Raw Duck Blood Soup, or you can also call it Duck Blood Jelly because of its texture, is very popular in the north of Vietnam and is made literally made from duck blood and meat. This dish is prepared by mixing fish sauce and cooked Duck entrails with raw duck blood, and diced peanuts, chilies, and lime are sometimes added to the top.


The Weirdest Vietnamese Foods and Drinks

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